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by Laura-Andreea Voicu

The leaves are falling, the air is crisper, and customers are all flocking inside where they can enjoy a delicious warm meal and a steaming cup of coffee. This is your chance to delight them with fall restaurant promotions and specials that will turn them from one-time visitors to regulars.

10 Fall Restaurant Promotions & Ideas to Stand Out in the Crowd

Your menu is the first thing that has to change during the rainy season. Serving a seasonal menu can help you cut costs and attract more customers with fresh, tastier ingredients.

restaurant promotion ideas for fall

Incorporate fall flavors in your menu, such as:

  • Pumpkin
  • Apple
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Maple
  • Salted caramel
  • Nuts
  • Fall fruits (pears, plums)
  • Hearty vegetables (zucchini, potato, beets, cauliflower)

Check out these fall menu ideas for restaurants for more inspiration!

If you don’t want to change your entire menu for fall, you can simply add specials to the menu that you rotate every day, week, or month.

Updating your menu daily is easy with GloriaFood’s online menu builder. You can make changes in minutes and apply them instantly. Begin building your menu by watching this video tutorial:

Start building your fall menu to accelerate autumn sales Use our free menu builder to create an ordering menu for dine-in & takeaway

To use this menu to accept dine-in orders, enable tableside ordering for free by following these steps:

2. Tempt customers to visit with festive fall restaurant decorations

Fall marketing ideas for restaurants aren’t limited to the menu. As soon as the temperature drops and we smell crisp autumn scents in the air, we crave fall decorations.

Adorn your restaurant with typical fall décor:

  • Pumpkins
  • Fall leaves
  • Fairy lights
  • Earth tones
  • Spooky Halloween decorations

Add a wreath to your door and decorate your windows to attract passersby. You can also write your fall restaurant promotions on a blackboard and display it out front to tempt customers to come inside.

3. Add limited-time fall promotion ideas to the menu

Fall restaurant promotions are limited for a reason: they motivate customers to take advantage of them before they’re gone. Rotate your promotions every week or bi-monthly so customers always have something new to try.

Here are some fall promotion ideas you can choose from:

  • 10% off all fall menu items
  • Buy one pumpkin spice late, get one free
  • Get a free apple crumble on every order over $30
  • Fall meal bundle: 2 sweet potato bites, 2 butternut lasagnas & 2 gingersnap cookies for $55
  • 15% discount on fall combo deal: Buy any main dish and dessert to get 15% off

fall restaurant promotions

Learn more about using combo offers to increase the average order value in the video below:

4. Deliver fall in a cup with exclusive takeaway promos

Dine-in customers shouldn’t be the only ones to enjoy your fall restaurant promotions. You can apply the promotions above to your takeaway menu too using GloriaFood’s promotion templates or you can create new promos for pickup & delivery:

  • Free delivery if you order any item from the fall menu
  • 5% discount on the cart if you pay for your order online
  • 10% discount on the cart for pickup orders only

autumn marketing ideas for restaurants

Tempt customers with an exclusive fall promo for takeaway orders Use our convenient promotions module to create an offer in minutes

Watch the tutorial below to learn how easy it is to create these promos and many more using our promotions module:

5. Celebrate fall holidays with seasonal events

Fall is teeming with food-related holidays that you can celebrate at your restaurant, such as:

…as well as lesser-known holidays like:

  • National Guacamole Day
  • International Coffee Day
  • National Fast-Food Day

Organize themed parties and celebrations that will get customers into the holiday spirit and increase your fall sales.

For more fall holidays you can capitalize on, download our free Holiday Calendar & Promotion Ideas for 2024.

6. Update your website and social media profiles to give them an autumn feel

Just as you decorate your brick-and-mortar location for fall, so should you decorate your online location (your restaurant website) and social media profiles.

Add a festive fall banner to your homepage and update your profile photos with fall symbols. Post pictures of your autumn specials and decorations, and let customers know about your themed events this season.

restaurant promotion ideas for fall: organize a halloween event

Updating your website doesn’t have to be a hassle. Use GloriaFood’s restaurant website builder to create your own using drag-and-drop. You can add and remove sections on the spot, update images, and post about your fall restaurant promotions in seconds. Learn more here:

7. Revamp your autumn restaurant marketing strategy with a fun contest

One of the simplest fall restaurant marketing ideas is to organize a contest to kick off the cozy season.

Whether you’re encouraging customers to post their favorite fall recipe and tag you on Instagram or organize a costume contest for Halloween, it will boost engagement and get people talking.

As a prize, you can offer a discount coupon code or something more substantial like the winner eats for free at your restaurant for the entire month of October.

Follow these instructions to create a customized coupon code in minutes:

If you’re wondering how to attract customers to my restaurant this fall season, it’s all about giving back and showing people you care about the community.

Scout local events like a Thanksgiving food bank, fall marathon, back-to-school donation drive, or football championship, and offer to be a sponsor or contribute in whatever way you can.

Getting involved in the community will make you a household name and win you long-term customers who love to support businesses that make a difference.

9. Partner with complementary businesses for creative autumn marketing campaigns

Not all businesses in the area are your competitors, even if they are part of the same industry. Complementary businesses like coffee shops or bakeries can become partners with just a dash of creativity on both sides.

For example, contact a local bakery and propose your chefs each create a unique recipe for each other’s establishments. You could make a delicious roasted butternut squash and spinach quiche for them to sell, and they could help you add a flavorful apple cider donut to your menu.

10. Use clever fall marketing slogans and content that will attract customers

Help your fall restaurant promotions shine with creative copywriting that will delight and enthuse customers.

Use fun language and fall puns to spice up your sales:

  • Leaves are falling and so are our prices
  • Fall in love with our fall promotions
  • Orange you glad it’s fall orange pie
  • Snack-o-lantern snack platter
  • Autumn skies & pumpkin pies

Go Big or Gourd Home

That should be your mantra this rainy season. Attract new customers to your restaurant with delicious autumn dishes, irresistible fall restaurant promotions, and fun events to celebrate autumn in all its glory.

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