Free restaurant online ordering system set-up by anyone within minutes

Monetize your restaurant's online presence - take online food orders now

Set up your restaurant profile: 15 min

You just got to the most restaurant-friendly setup.

Pin your pickup location on the map, draw your delivery area, decide if you accept orders for later and so on. It’s all easy and it only takes 15 minutes.

Publish the online ordering button: 1 min

Once you’re done with the setup, you can add this See MENU & Order button to your website and Facebook page.

It will open up a whole new world of orders for your brand new online menu.

restaurant website with online ordering system

Install the app for taking online food orders: 1 min

Each time an online order is placed, you get a notification on your smartphone or tablet.

Your clients will love if you promise the magic 3 minutes for accepting any order and estimating their delivery or pickup time.

order taking mobile app for restaurants

Monetize your online presence: forever

Over your website or Facebook page, from desktop or mobiles, the menu always looks great. This online ordering is simplified and optimized for maximum click-through conversion.

Try new ideas on-the-fly. Copy-paste your tasty food menus then arrange your dishes and add-ons for maximum sales with just a drag and drop.

desktop and mobile online ordering

Client satisfaction: in real-time

Once you have accepted the order, your customer instantly receives the confirmation and the personalized delivery time.

No more calling back to confirm. Just start cooking.

real time confirmation screen

Free online advertising: on-going

In the final confirmation, your customer also gets a beautiful image of your cuisine along with a Facebook share button. One click and their friends also find out about your online ordering service.

Customers love to share images of their food, you love free advertising. Perfect mix!

free facebook advertising of restaurant