Restaurant Marketing Software
for Online Ordering

The best marketing tools for restaurants that want to boost online sales

Spark online sales with state-of-the-art restaurant marketing software

Master restaurant digital marketing with our modules designed to attract both new and recurring customers.

You will be able to:

  • Encourage first orders with the Kick-starter Module
  • Attract more customers to your restaurant with the Promotions Module
  • Keep clients coming back with the Advanced Promo Engine
  • Automate your e-mail marketing campaigns with Autopilot

Let’s see how!

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Bring your offline customers online with the free Kick-starter Module

Persuade dine-in clients to place their first online order by offering them a first-time promo.

Print the promo details on flyers using our restaurant flyer maker and distribute them around the neighborhood.

Send the code to regulars via e-mail or SMS to let them know your restaurant is now taking online orders. And the best part? You can easily automate the process using our system.

Tempt customers with irresistible food offers using the Promotions Module

Get more customers using our eye-catching restaurant promos to target both first-time & regular clients, displaying attractive food offers at the very top of your menu.

Increase the average order value by upselling your best-selling items. See for yourself just how easy it is.

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Increase customer retention with the Advanced Promo Engine

Keep the sales coming and reward your returning customers. You can do that in no time using our client lifecycle promo segmentation.

Choose from our long list of restaurant promotions and customize the promo using advanced settings, such as:

  • Set fulfillment time: enable the promotion only on specific days and times of the week (e.g., Happy Hour on weekends);
  • Promo highlight: upsell menu items by highlighting them when they’re eligible for a promotion;
  • Client previous purchases: reward customers based on the number of times they’ve ordered from you in the past, their total order amount, or last order.

Restaurant marketing automation: Make money 24/7 with the Autopilot Module

The purpose of restaurant marketing software is to make your life easier. That is precisely what our Autopilot module does.

Set up your e-mail campaigns once and they will run on autopilot to help you:

  • Encourage second orders
  • Re-engage old customers
  • Prevent cart abandonment

Monitor your restaurant marketing campaigns with the Reporting Module

Now that your promotions are up and running, all that’s left for you to do is sit back and watch them perform.

Detailed performance data is available at your fingertips in our built-in Reporting Module.

See what promotions work best and where you can improve, thanks to the detailed real-time restaurant analytics.

monitor your online restaurant promotions with a restaurant marketing platform with a built-in reporting module