Food Ordering API

This restaurant API enables you to automatically process orders or retrieve the online menu

Food Order API

With our Food Order API, you can now receive & process the order details right after the restaurant owner / manager accepted an order through the order taking app.

Recommended use: POS API integration or fleet delivery management system integrations.

Orders API: Food ordering api for post processing orders

Restaurant menu API

Fetch the most current version of the restaurant menu for pre-populating 3rd party system DBs with the same entries.

Recommended use: POS system integrations.

us restaurant menus api for fetching the online menu

Our partners:

Get your great food delivery api or fleet delivery management solution

learn more about FREE dispatch and delivery tracking by using Shipday integrations; start with the shipday api

Easy restaurant delivery management system with automated dispatch and real-time tracking. Also connect with DoorDash and Uber drivers via Shipday

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tookan alternative: the Orderlord api is a great food delivery api

Orderlord is a system for restaurants and chains to manage, dispatch and route orders.

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the tookan api is a great food delivery api

Tookan is a powerful off-the-shelf delivery management platform with offices in India, USA and UAE.

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learn more about the getswift integrations; start with the getswift api

It offers smart order dispatching, routing, and tracking, as well as customizable, machine-learning-enabled data analytics capabilities

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It consists of a dispatch app, a driver app, a kitchen app, a manager portal, and it also provides customer tracking and customer feedback.

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Delivapp offers a delivery management software solution built to help restaurants, delivery companies, and dark kitchens manage and optimize delivery logistics from a single platform.

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InhouseDelivery dispatches orders directly to a nationwide fleet of drivers as and when you need them.

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Relay provides restaurants with couriers for delivery orders fulfillment in New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Washington DC

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FreeOrdy provides a delivery service to restaurants in several European countries.

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Stava Delivery

Stava is a delivery solution specialized in food delivery, logistics, last-mile logistics, and route planning machine learning.

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Delivast is a South African Delivery-as-a-Service company that provides delivery service for restaurants, allowing them to avoid hiring and managing a fleet of drivers.

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Ondway Delivery

Ondway Delivery is an ultra-fast delivery company with hundreds of riders, helping restaurants deliver food up to 7km delivery radius in less than 30 minutes.

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The Mealshift platform provides restaurants with on-demand access through a mobile app to a network of drivers for all their delivery orders.

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Otter solution is a middleware solution that helps restaurants succeed in online delivery through aggregation, management & optimization.

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Sinqro centralizes orders and reservations for over 2600 restaurants, and helps fulfill deliveries for restaurants, francizes and dark kitchens.

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Order Integrations

Based in Texas, US, Order Integrations facilitates connections between GloriaFood and POS solutions, and has already developed integrations with Clover and Focus.

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sambapos api integration

The interface of SambaPOS offers complete customization, advanced reporting, multiple departments organization, process tracking, floor plans and table organization.

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gloriafood partner: mobipos api

MobiPOS is a highly standardized affordable POS platform with more than 4000 customer outlets around the world, especially successful in the Asia-Pacific region, US and UK.

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QuickPOS Technologies Inc supplies restaurants with customized point of sale systems that include both POS hardware and software components.

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WinOrder is a POS solution distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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get a food ordering api - use the dineplan api integration

Dineplan is a multi-location POS platform with more than 3000 customer outlets in 14 countries, especially successful in the Asia-Pacific region, India and Middle East.

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Ebriza is a cloud-based POS & eCommerce software designed for small and medium businesses that aggregates different sales channels on one device (phone or tablet).

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Carian BV is a supplier of touch systems for the hospitality industry based on PC hardware.

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DiKAS provides POS solutions to restaurants, bars, clubs, bakeries, as well as other food or services related businesses.

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Bloom Intelligence

Founded in 2012 in the US, Bloom Intelligence is a customer data platform for the hospitality industry that provides advanced marketing automation tools.

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ilGlu by Venture Unicorns Limited is a Maltese company specialized in integrating SaaS solutions that has built integrations between GloriaFood and Wolt delivery service, as well as between GloriaFood and Lightspeed POS solutions.

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SKOOT Eco is an award-winning, B-Corp accredited climate change platform helping communities, businesses, and individuals counter their carbon footprint on the road to net-zero.

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ExpertOrder by Revout IT GmbH is a comprehensive POS (Point of Sale) software solution designed specifically to meet the needs of hospitality businesses in Germany.

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Food Order Pro

Food Order Pro is a US company that helps restaurant owners streamline their online ordering strategy and automate workflows to create more profits.

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N-Touch Rewards

N-Touch Rewards is a product of N-Touch Marketing, a Cypress, Texas company that helps independent restaurants access loyalty technology usually available only to the big brands.

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