Food Ordering API

This restaurant API enables you to automatically process orders or retrieve the online menu

Food Order API

With our Food Order API, you can now receive & process the order details right after the restaurant owner / manager accepted an order through the order taking app.

Recommended use: POS API integration or fleet delivery management system integrations.

Orders API: Food ordering api for post processing orders

Restaurant menu API

Fetch the most current version of the restaurant menu for pre-populating 3rd party system DBs with the same entries.

Recommended use: POS system integrations.

us restaurant menus api for fetching the online menu

Our partners:

Get your great food delivery api or fleet delivery management solution

learn more about FREE dispatch and delivery tracking by using Shipday integrations; start with the shipday api

Easy restaurant delivery management system with automated dispatch and real-time tracking for customers. Efficient deliveries, less time on the phone, and happy customers.

Founded in 2016, the delivery tracking solution created by Shipday (previously QuestTag) has already gained loyal customers in over 25 countries. Their app helps delivery drivers and couriers always be on time, stay in touch, and have all of their order details in one place. With this app, delivery drivers can receive order details on-the-go from their dispatchers, see the fastest routes to customers doorstep, and communicate delivery status updates to multiple parties with one tap on the screen.

This solution is made available globally as a freemium model for single-unit restaurants.

Enjoy free 30 days trial of our professional version without SMS.

Find more instructions on how to integrate online ordering with Shipday delivery tracking here.

tookan alternative: the Orderlord api is a great food delivery api

Orderlord is a system for restaurants and chains to manage, dispatch and route orders. It also tracks drivers and delights customers by showing in a real-time map, how and when the package is coming. The platform comes with a kitchen management module for those interested to push food prep automation even deeper in their internal flows.

In order to integrate it with the ordering system via this food ordering API, please first contact and get an Orderlord account from here.

the tookan api is a great food delivery api

Tookan is a powerful off-the-shelf delivery management platform with offices in India, USA and UAE.

The solution is available in 180+ countries, which enables businesses to modernize their day-to-day delivery operations and slash overheads.

Tookan is used by over 10,000 live businesses.

All restaurants can enable pickup and delivery tasks from their app settings.

Visit Tookan's website for more details on their solution and pricing.

learn more about the getswift integrations; start with the getswift api

GetSwift Technologies Limited (NEO Exchange Canada: GSW | OTC Markets USA: GTSWF), headquartered in New York City, is a technology and services company that offers, among other products, the GetSwift’s flagship on-demand last-mile delivery software to single and multi-location businesses, to manage drivers, dispatch tasks, and track deliveries in real-time.

GetSwift is trusted by hundreds of brands in 70+ countries. Its innovative cloud-based software solution is stable, secure, and highly scalable. It offers smart order dispatching, routing, and tracking, as well as customizable, machine-learning-enabled data analytics capabilities, allowing you to own and analyze your customer data.

GetSwifts provides integration guidelines for single-location and multi-location restaurants here.


Captain was founded in 2018 and builds bespoke end-to-end software solutions using artificial intelligence to fully automate restaurants delivery operations. It consists of a dispatch app, a driver app, a kitchen app, a manager portal, and it also provides customer tracking and customer feedback.

The majority of Captain implementations are in US and Canada, with additional customers in a few other countries - UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherlands, Singapore, New Caledonia, Puerto Rico. The solution is localized for English, German and French-speaking countries.

For a more detailed service description, check the Captain website here.


Started in 2016 and headquartered in Israel, Delivapp offers a delivery management software solution built to help restaurants, delivery companies, and dark kitchens manage and optimize delivery logistics from a single platform.

Delivapp is a robust solution that handles hundreds of thousands of orders per month and serves hundreds of merchants in countries such as Israel, UAE, Austria, Spain, Romania, Australia, UK, Dominican Republic and more to come. Single to multi-location restaurants can either manage their own deliveries or provide the management software to a delivery company.


Otter solution is a middleware solution that helps restaurants succeed in online delivery through aggregation, management & optimization. They partner with major online and direct-to-consumer ordering platforms to enable the business to provide restaurant customers with order aggregation, automation, and data reporting.

It can also be used as a standalone POS, offering a tablet and printer, or they can help restaurants integrate their orders into any of the POS systems they are connecting with.

Otter is available in over 45 countries including USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, India, the UK and most countries in Europe.

For more details check out the Otter website.


Founded in 2016, Sinqro is a middleware solution that standardizes the way restaurants & food industry players exchange transactions through a centralized platform. Sinqro centralizes orders and reservations for over 2600 restaurants, and helps fulfill deliveries for restaurants, francizes and dark kitchens. Restaurants can select from more than 150 integrations with POS solutions, delivery fleets and others, in countries such as Spain, UK, Italy, Chile, or México.

To see what solutions are available for restaurants or drivers, visit their website for more information.

Order Integrations

Based in Texas, US, Order Integrations facilitates connections between GloriaFood and POS solutions, and has already developed integrations with Clover and Focus. This helps restaurants streamline orders and eliminate errors from manually inputting orders. The orders will automatically move to the POS once accepted, sending sales totals, taxes and will be printed.

Designed primarily single-location restaurants, the integration is easily scalable to multi-locations. The service is available in US, Canada and UK.

Get in touch with the Order Integrations team and find out more information through their website.

sambapos api integration

SambaPOS was founded in 2011 and has since become the preferred solution of over a hundred thousand restaurants around the world.

The interface of SambaPOS offers complete customization, advanced reporting, multiple departments organization, process tracking, floor plans and table organization, billing operations and accounting system, loyalty, membership & gift cards.

Step-by-step instructions on how to integrate are available here.

For more assistance, find the nearest partner that can help you here.

gloriafood partner: mobipos api

Founded in 2013, MobiPOS is a highly standardized affordable POS platform with more than 4000 customer outlets around the world, especially successful in the Asia-Pacific region, US and UK. Achieving quality, affordability and reliability of a system typically means less flexibility. Which means that their ability to do custom stuff is very limited.

Their pricing starts from $10 per month, software only. More pricing details here.

Mobi-POS client app works with all iOS based touchscreen devices that are suitable for restaurants. Cloud sync of all reporting data is also supported.

Everything can be done in the iPad, and the cloud add-on option also provide an extra interface to key-in items, modifications of menu and view live reports.

Step by step instructions on how to integrate are available here.

If you need local help and/ or dedicated hardware, you may find the nearest MobiPOS partner here.

Gloriafood partner: ABCPOS api

With over 30 years of experience in software development and customer service, ABCPOS is a business with a particular focus on the US market that serves over 6000 customers.

ABCPOS provides an all-in-one POS solution to help restaurants manage their Point of Sales + Payment Processing + Equipment + Growth Marketing.

If you want an integrated POS for better billing receipt tracking, granular auto-printing options and keeping a history of orders into the POS, then look no further than leveraging an online ordering integration with ABCPOS.

Find out more about the ABCPOS solution by accessing their website.


Founded in 2012 and based in Toronto, Canada, QuickPOS Technologies Inc supplies restaurants with customized point of sale systems that include both POS hardware and software components. QuickPOS also ensures system customization and installation and technical support.

QuickPOS is designed for all types of restaurants, including dine-in, take-out, bar and food court. At present QuickPOS is used by restaurants in Canada, USA and Asia.

For more information on this solution please visit their website.


Founded in 1996, WinOrder is a POS solution distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Serving over 3000 businesses, WinOrder promises a good price-performance ratio, easy handling, and an extensive set of functions.

WinOrder brings all the functionalities of a regular POS on a Windows-based system, helping restaurants to manage their pickup, delivery or scheduled orders in one place and print their invoices directly from the WinOrder system.

For more information about WinOrder visit their website.

get a food ordering api - use the dineplan api integration

Founded in 2011, Dineplan is a multi-location POS platform with more than 3000 customer outlets in 14 countries, especially successful in the Asia-Pacific region, India and Middle East. The company is also providing kitchen management solutions, sales analytics and cloud sync for all its hospitality software.

For the software parts, their pricing starts somewhere between $600 to $2000 per month, depending on the complexity of the setup and the desired value added local services. More pricing details are available on call.

Dineplan client apps work with standard hardware devices that are suitable for restaurants. In Singapore they can directly provide hardware with this recommended configuration: i3 with 4GB RAM with 64GB SSD.

Step by step instructions on how to integrate are available here.

If you need local help and/or dedicated hardware, you may find the nearest Dineplan partner here.


Ebriza is a cloud-based POS & eCommerce software designed for small and medium businesses that aggregates different sales channels on one device (phone or tablet). Ebriza application suite includes marketing tools, stock management solutions, a delivery management system and a set of applications for analysis and reporting.

Founded in 2015 in Romania, Ebriza is currently available in Romania and Hungary.


Carian BV is a supplier of touch systems for the hospitality industry based on PC hardware. Carian has developed the EasyTouchPos and the new TruePos solutions as self-set up systems for single-location restaurants, with minimal assistance required to start using them. Serving over 1600 restaurant locations in Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, Carian offers a 15” touch screen PC with all software and 80 MM printer at a fixed price with free online support, during business hours, with no additional subscriptions. Find out more about Carian POS solutions from their website.


DiKAS provides POS solutions to restaurants, bars, clubs, bakeries, as well as other food or services related businesses. Developed in 2005 for discotheques and expanded to work with other food businesses in 2012, the DiKAS solution is used by restaurants in Germany. The system is designed as a "Do-it-yourself-Model" and thereby you are able to easily program it yourself. You can select your own hardware - mostly for mobile-ordering - based on DiKAS recommendations and purchase the stationary POS-Hardware / Server together with the software licenses from Weidev GmbH. Find out more about the DiKAS POS-System from their website.


InhouseDelivery dispatches orders directly to a nationwide fleet of drivers as and when you need them. Don’t pay 30% commission to third-party delivery companies - with InhouseDelivery, you’ll only pay for the actual driver cost plus USD 1 per delivery. The driver network covers all major cities and most regional locations within mainland USA, Canada and Australia.


Relay was founded in NYC in 2014, to offer to thousands of restaurant owners an easy way to optimize their delivery operations all while regaining control over their businesses’ output and financial health. Relay provides restaurants with couriers for delivery orders fulfillment in New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, and Washington D.C.

Restaurants also receive their own dashboard where all deliveries can be consolidated in one place. By relying on Relay’s fleet of couriers to deliver orders, restaurant owners can get back to what they love: making great food.

For more details, visit Relay’s website.


FreeOrdy provides a delivery service to restaurants in several European countries. FreeOrdy have developed a connection between the GloriaFood online ordering account and on-demand fleets of drivers or riders with coverage of large European cities, thus allowing restaurants to manage and fulfill delivery orders.

Visit FreeOrdy’s website for more details.

Stava Delivery

Stava is a delivery solution founded in Opole, Poland in 2014 specialized in food delivery, logistics, last-mile logistics, and route planning machine learning. Stava partners with all types of restaurants, helping them to lower their operating costs and at the same time to provide their customers reliable, high-quality delivery service.

By combining a fleet of couriers with the use of advanced logistics software, Stava can reduce the cost of deliveries and increase the restaurant’s profits.


Delivast is a South African Delivery-as-a-Service company that provides delivery service for restaurants, allowing them to avoid hiring and managing a fleet of drivers. Delivast integrates with merchants’ websites and mobile applications, ensuring they can tell their customers “We Deliver”. DELIVAST also builds the online infrastructure needed for merchants to allow their customers to directly place online orders for Delivery and Collection, from the merchants' websites and mobile apps, thereby bypassing expensive third-party providers and ordering apps.

Check out a brief video overview of the service and Read more about the offer for restaurants and drivers on their website.

Ondway Delivery

Founded in 2021 and located in Dublin, Ireland, Ondway Delivery is an ultra-fast delivery company with hundreds of riders, helping restaurants deliver food up to 7km delivery radius in less than 30 minutes. Restaurants also get to install their delivery tracking app on their own tablet, to request and follow the drivers.

See how the service works or request more information through the Ondway Delivery website.


The Mealshift platform provides restaurants with on-demand access through a mobile app to a network of drivers for all their delivery orders. Restaurants can post ‘shifts’ when they need delivery drivers and drivers apply to these Shifts when they are available.

The drivers are contracted and paid by restaurants for the number of hours in the Shift and for each delivery, with total transparency to both restaurants and drivers.

This innovative business model gives restaurants an alternative to the commission-based models.

More information is available on Mealshift website.

Bloom Intelligence

Founded in 2012 in the US, Bloom Intelligence is a customer data platform for the hospitality industry that provides advanced marketing automation tools. With their custom-built data platform, restaurants will be able to unlock customer insights through machine learning and artificial intelligence so that they can use them to create meaningful guest experiences at scale.

Bloom Intelligence is used globally by over 1200 restaurants, with most of their implementations located in the US and Canada.