Online ordering system

by GloriaFood

From “on site” to “on line”

  • every big business is moving online: think online shopping, online music sharing, online networking...
  • ...even pizza ordering: “About 69 percent of consumers order food online” (IAB and Viggle, 2013)

Ordering food this a thing now?

  • Totally! Clients want to enjoy the food you’re cooking in the privacy of their home, together with friends watching a sports game or a movie
  • or they are sometimes simply too busy to go to a restaurant and enjoy dinner, so they order in
  • and guess what..they would rather do it online while browsing your menu than calling

So why should my restaurant do online ordering? Because...

  • taking online food orders will help increase your business by creating more new and repeat customers
  • the value per order is higher through online ordering
  • the online world gives you a ton of ways to engage with your customers (ever heard of social media?) which in turn helps increase the levels of customer loyalty

Can any restaurant do online ordering?

  • Pretty much! And that’s the beauty of it
  • anyone from a fancy a la carte restaurant to a fast-food, a pizza place or a small bistro

Which online ordering system is best for me?

An online ordering system that completely caters to your needs should:

  • be easy to use and manage by you or any of your restaurant staff
  • also have a nice & friendly interface for your customers
  • confirm orders in real time so customers keep coming back to order from you.
  • deliver an error-free ordering experience: no more missed or misunderstood orders taken via phone