About GloriaFood

We believe food lovers should have an amazing ordering experience for their delivery. We think this should be possible without ripping off restaurants by charging high commission payments on every order.

We love the convenience of ordering online for food delivery and we order all the time. But we noticed that, while many restaurants have great food, they lose potential sales because they don't provide an online ordering service. And many of those who have built their own online ordering service end up with a buggy program, resulting in bad user experiences. This is when we noticed that restaurant owners don't have a choice. Either they go with one of the big portals, who charge between 10%-40% commission on every order, or ask the web agency of their choice to build a custom module - which turns out to be very expensive as well. It is our goal to solve this problem and provide a solution that restaurant owners and their customers love.

7+ Years active
22k Active restaurants
150+ Countries

Our Values

Our Values
Commitment to Customers

We put our customers needs above all else, and we strive to exceed their expectations.


We are committed to creating a top of the line SaaS product & reaching new heights.


We want to shape a new future, whilst always advancing our ethics & honesty.


To us, great isn’t good enough. So we took it upon ourselves to deliver constant improvement.

The GloriaFood Team

Oliver Auerbach Oliver Auerbach Founder & CEO Read Bio
Mihai Anghel Mihai Anghel Business Manager & Co-Founder Read Bio
Cosmin Ancuta Cosmin Ancuta Engineering Manager Read Bio
Adrian Bilinksi Adrian Bilinksi Senior Database Software Engineer Read Bio
Ionut Neagoe Ionut Neagoe Full Stack Engineer Read Bio
Catalin Ionita Catalin Ionita Full Stack Engineer Read Bio
Cristian Florin Ingeaua Cristian Florin Ingeaua Full Stack Engineer Read Bio
Grigorii Duca Grigorii Duca Senior Software Engineer Read Bio
Adrian Tuhuț Adrian Tuhuț Software Engineer Read Bio
Victor Crețu Victor Crețu Product Manager Read Bio
Alina Rotariu Alina Rotariu Product Manager Read Bio
Iusti Bota Iusti Bota UI/UX Designer Read Bio
Andreea Dobrila Andreea Dobrilă Marketing Team Leader Read Bio
Laura-Andreea Voicu Laura-Andreea Voicu Online Marketing Specialist Read Bio
Keith Pascal Keith Pascal Online Marketing Specialist Read Bio
Cristina Mirea Cristina Mirea Human Resources Generalist Read Bio
Silviana Prioteasa Silviana Prioteasa Restaurant Success Expert Read Bio
Claudia-Gabriela Teodorescu Claudia-Gabriela Teodorescu Tech Copywriter Read Bio
Mihai Catruna Mihai Cătrună Support Specialist Read Bio
Iulian Obreja Iulian Obreja Support Specialist Read Bio
Daniel Caramidaru Daniel Cărămidaru Support Specialist Read Bio
Popa Rares-Marian Popa Rares-Marian Support Specialist Read Bio
Diana David Diana David Support Specialist Read Bio
Marius Iosub Marius Iosub Support Specialist Read Bio
Cristi Soare Cristi Soare Support Specialist Read Bio
Natalie Melhem Natalie Melhem Support Specialist Read Bio
Dragos Safta Dragos Safta Support Specialist Read Bio
Vlad Onutu Vlad Onutu Support Specialist Read Bio
Tomuță Elena-Livia Tomuță Elena-Livia Support Specialist Read Bio
Izabela Pietreanu Izabela Pietreanu Support Specialist Read Bio
Octavian Filciu Octavian Filciu Support Specialist Read Bio
Aurelian Nedelcu Aurelian Nedelcu Support Specialist Read Bio
Rona Oros Rona Oros Technical Support Engineer Read Bio
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Read our manifesto

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Press room

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Career opportunities

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