About GloriaFood

We believe food lovers should order food easily

We believe food lovers should have an amazing ordering experience for their delivery. We think this should be possible without ripping off restaurants by charging high commission payments on every order.

We love the convenience of ordering online for food delivery and we order all the time. But we noticed that, while many restaurants have great food, they lose potential sales because they don't provide an online ordering service. And many of those who have built their own online ordering service end up with a buggy program, resulting in bad user experiences.

This is when we noticed that restaurant owners don't have a choice. Either they go with one of the big portals, who charge between 10%-18% commission on every order, or ask the web agency of their choice to build a custom module - which turns out to be very expensive as well.

It is our goal to solve this problem and provide a solution that restaurant owners and their customers love.

Our Team