Partner Program

Here are the main types of partners currently doing a better business with us


What's in it for you?

Sell faster, sell easier, sell to more restaurants

Our freemium model allows faster on-boarding of hesitant restaurants with minimum sales effort

Make more money, keep more money

Sell your value added services first while adding more value with our free plan at no cost for you.

Less losing, more winning

Online ordering is one great way to keep restaurants closer by covering their basic need of more sales.
While sales keep increasing, so does the budget and interest for buying more from you.

Earn more and more, month by month

Build a steady recurring revenue line from the progressive monthly margins and commissions we reward you on top of the mark-up you earn from your own value added services.

Build something that lasts

Build a business, a brand and a name for yourself with the white-labeling plan we provide built-in by default.

Unlike other producers, we understand that any marketing effort you do, you should do it for yourself and you need pointing to your brand.

With our branding capabilities, no one else can “take a free ride” on your marketing or sales efforts.

White labeling plan for partners

You’re in charge. Always.

When it comes to partners interacting with their enrolled restaurants we take a back seat and let the partner shine.

With our collaboration enabled platform you may provide full managed services to the enrolled member restaurants thus allowing meaningful actions to happen on the fly with optimal impact for sales and ordering flows, in full transparency for all parties involved.

Restaurants overview dashboard for partners

Multi-location dashboard

Are you hunting white elephants? If you want to get big deals and big projects we’ve got your back.

The multi-location dashboard is exactly the type of centralised administration those large groups are looking for.

Partner dashboard for multi-location restaurants

Let's do a better business together!