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The GloriaFood partnership is straightforward:

Restaurants using online food ordering systems typically need other web & online services too or Restaurants using web & online services typically need online food ordering systems

Order Online Button On Restaurant's Website

Adding value is simple

Learn today how easy it is to plug and use GloriaFood FOR FREE for any of your client sites.

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Get expert help with the web and Facebook implementation.

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How it works

Help restaurants make money

Restaurants go online because that’s where the clients are today. Help them monetize their web /onlinepresence by allowing them to receive online orders via the GloriaFood platform. The GloriaFood ordering widget containing menu and delivery direction is loaded. We have also created a Facebook widget in order to provide a unified ordering experience to the restaurant clients.

"After putting the online ordering widget on Facebook yesterday, we received our first order today. The feedback from the customer was fantastic. The customer let us know that the system was very easy to use (and in their words they said "idiot proof"), easy to follow and they can't wait to order from us again. I thought I would let you know."

Owner of www.fiddlerselbowfishbar.co.uk


Whether you work directly in php, .net, java or plain html - it does not matter. Our ordering widget can be plugged on any type of website no matter if you use joomla, typo3, catalyst or other cms. The GloriaFood "order now" button can be integrated on any type of website.

"Just enter the admin side. All clear for me, all set. We went live minutes ago, thanks."

Webdev Pro


Configuring the restaurant profile and menu in the admin site takes less than 20 minutes and it is so simple that you can even let one of the restaurant employees do this directly.

"Guys, from the demo run and all I perfectly understand what this is all about. I’m thinking to also try some new recipes on the launch. Can you wait for me to insert those and launch a bit later?"

Owner of www.bucatarasul.ro

Web presence support

Many restaurants need online expert help. Dining houses from your region are eager to meet you and get professional help on additional matters such as online presence, online ordering, SEO, social networking operations, middleware integrations, etc.

"How the Facebook widget works? Btw...actually right now we look for help with the facebook page. If you know some people who can take care of our facebook presence, site facelift and SEO I would very much appreciate"

Catering Service Owner

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