On-Demand Delivery Crews

Provide complete end-to-end value by seamlessly closing the fulfillment circle
with online ordering capabilities for your portfolio of restaurants.

Order-tracking integrations

If you aim for a more professional deliveries management we’ve pre-integrated specialized tracking systems to make that business idea just happen.

Now you've ran out of excuses! Just do it!

Order tracking integrations for delivery partners

Granular delivery area setup

You can even customize various delivery areas and set different minimum order amounts and delivery fees that are zone-dependent. Needless to say just how easy it is to configure everything.

Online ordering with granular delivery area setup

Advanced notifications

You know what’s going on each and every restaurant and order-taking dispatcher.

Receive or forward to the appropriate people instant notification about every major event that is related to the ordering flow.

Online ordering system with instant notifications

Delivery heatmap

See how delivery orders are distributed on the map. Use the zoom to closely inspect your delivery areas: What business buildings don’t have your flyers yet? Which residential area should get more marketing focus? Is it worth keeping this low value delivery zone 3 while you get many high value orders outside delivery zone 1?

Get creative, pick your marks and go conquer new territories!

Delivery heatmap for online orders

What's in it for you?

Sell faster

Sell faster, sell easier, sell to more restaurants

Our freemium model allows faster on-boarding of hesitant restaurants with minimum sales effort

Earn more

Make more money, keep more money

Sell your value added services first while adding more value with our free plan at no cost for you.

Less losing

Less losing, more winning

Online ordering is one great way to keep restaurants closer by covering their basic need of more sales.
While sales keep increasing, so does the budget and interest for buying more from you.

Make more

Earn more and more, month by month

Build a steady recurring revenue line from the progressive monthly margins and commissions we reward you on top of the mark-up you earn from your own value added services.

Let's do a better business together!