Free Restaurant Pre-Order System for
Dine-in & Takeaway Orders

Empower customers to order food in advance and enjoy it at the restaurant or in the comfort of their homes

Attract a new crowd & accelerate sales by accepting food pre-orders

Time is money. So don’t waste yours or your customers’. Enable a restaurant pre-order system to attract:

  • Busy corporate customers stepping out for short lunches
  • Clients placing large group orders that can overcrowd your kitchen
  • Clients who simply don’t like waiting or wish to enjoy their diner at home
  • Night owls who just remembered that there’s nothing left in the fridge for tomorrow

Customers can order food in advance, anytime, anywhere, and schedule it for their desired time slot.

restaurant pre order system that will help you sell your food in advance

Serve more customers & speed up service with our restaurant pre-order system

But what’s in it for you? Well, accepting orders in advance opens the door to a flurry of benefits:

  • Say goodbye to kitchen bottlenecks;
  • Drastically reduce wait times during your busiest hours;
  • Prepare ingredients and resources for the daily number of expected orders ahead of time;
  • Serve more customers faster;
  • Get happier returning customers.
how a pre order food business can help your kitchen run like a well-oiled machine even during your busiest hours

Get more recurring customers: reward those who pre-order & pay in advance

With our free restaurant pre-order system, you can encourage more customers to order and pay in advance when they book a table with a special discount or promotion.

It's simple! Just customize our promotion templates to apply only to Order Ahead and for online payments.

Customers get a sweet discount, and you know what orders you can expect on the day.

restaurant pre-order system that enables you to accept online payments & tips