Free Table Booking System
For Restaurants

Get rid of the pen & paper - our system helps you keep all of your bookings in one place

The best restaurant booking system. Free.

It’s like that:

  • No contract
  • No paying per seat or booking
  • Nothing

Simply use our free table booking system for restaurants to fill your empty tables.

ree table booking system for restaurants, at no fee

Easy to spot “Table Reservation” button on your website

Get more bookings FAST by placing the “Table Reservation” button at the top of your homepage.

This way, you’ll make it possible for your clients to book a table within seconds.

And you’ll enable them to pay a visit to your restaurant.

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online restaurant booking system

No shows? No problem.

With our online restaurant booking system, you can finally take unlimited table reservations….

...without paying a dime.

How relieving is that?

with our online table booking system for restaurants you won’t have to worry about no shows

Free table booking for restaurants that enables
your customers to pre-order food & reserve a table

It's the easiest way for you to grow your business 24/7.

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Build your own client database to send out promos to

By using our online restaurant table booking system you can now build your own client database.

So you can email your clients with some great promos to drive more business and boost sales whenever you want.


What restaurants are saying

[[restaurants_number]] restaurants can’t be wrong! See more GloriaFood Reviews

GloriaFood review by Nico
Bucatarasul Cel Dibaci

"Accepting orders in real time on my smartphone was very handy. Now we can really get more orders faster without having the phone line as a bottleneck and the clinets also love this."

GloriaFood review by Pietro
Pietro L.
Gaeta Caffe Pizzeria

"Some clients prefer to order by Internet instead of ordering by telephone. It is a friendly system to order food online and very easy to implement in a website."