Free Restaurant Booking Software with
Food Pre-Ordering

Use our online food reservation system to turn tables faster. Receive more clients each day.

Free restaurant booking software enabling your guests to Order Ahead

Attract clients with the promise of steaming hot food being ready at their arrival.

Our free restaurant booking software enables your customers to book a table online & order food in advance.

By reducing the table & meal waiting time, you can get a faster table turnover and serve more clients every day.

best free restaurant reservation system with food pre-ordering

Sell your dishes long before seating your guests

Enable your guests to pay the check before entering your restaurant, by activating the "Online Payments" feature.

With prepaid meals, your clients can get in & out during their short lunch breaks.

And you can accommodate even more clients throughout the day.

free restaurant booking software that enables customers to book a table fast

Manage & accept orders from any regular smartphone or device

No need to invest in an order-taking app for your smartphone or in a new restaurant reservation system for iPads.

By using our free reservation software, you will also get your own app for taking reservations & unlimited food pre-orders...

... that works on any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

free restaurant table booking android application or iOS application

How to get started

Create a free account with Gloriafood.

Then simply enable the "Order Ahead" feature, so your guests can pre-order food online for dine-in.

Unbelievably easy, isn't it?

restaurant reservation software

What restaurants are saying

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GloriaFood review by Killer's Tacos
Jeff S.
Killer's Tacos

"Sales results are picking up now. I think the system is superb. Best I have ever found."

Julie P.
Sandwich Pizza House

"Your customer service has been stellar via chat/email despite no phone option. I was initially concerned your international location could be an issue but you have delivered excellent, prompt and understandable customer service via chat every time."

GloriaFood review by Ivan
Ivan B.

"I am completely amazed by your free service. I cannot even express how happy we are to use GloriaFood. The system does not crash, which is not always the case with other providers, it's easy and simple and would recommend any restaurant to use it."

GloriaFood review by Dominic
Dominic E.
Fiddlers Elbow Fish & Chips

"Fantastic app This is a great app of this online takeaway ordering system. The service has been superb and great customer service. With all the new updates and features, it gives us and more importantly our customers an app thats easy to use. Thanks gloriafood."