GrubHub Alternative with Zero Cost

GloriaFood - Free Restaurant Ordering System

Tired of paying GrubHub fees?

Taking online orders through a big ordering portal like GrubHub puts a significant pressure on the profitability of each order. GrubHub charges the restaurants a fee each time they receive an online order, which is hard to bear by restaurant owners.

In case of GrubHub-like platforms, the commission can rise up to a double-digit percentage on each order. This means that the more orders you take, the more fees you pay.

Some restaurants are coping with this by increasing prices, but then many clients are not happy.

Does your restaurant have a problem with the GrubHub fees as well?

GrubHub fees for restaurants

GrubHub alternative with zero cost

The solution proposed by GloriaFood is a great GrubHub alternative. The restaurants can take infinite online orders, free of charge.

It is important to highlight that by “free of charge” we really mean it, more specifically:

  • No setup fees
  • No commissions
  • No binding contracts

GrubHub alternative with zero cost

GloriaFood highlights

Long story short, these are 3 things to remember about the GloriaFood online ordering:

  • is available for your website and Facebook page
  • works and looks great from any device
  • comes with a mobile app for receiving orders in real time on your smartphone or tablet

GloriaFood restaurant ordering system