GloriaFood Reviews

Success stories from our customers

GloriaFood review by Julie
Julie P.
Restaurant Owner | Sandwich, MA, USA
Sandwich Pizza House

"I recently switched my online meal ordering platform from a big company that was taking 13% of every order to your free online ordering platform. I am VERY PLEASED with your service —the ease of setup, functionality, multiple delivery zone, visually appealing layout and format all for a GENUINELY FREE COST.

Your customer service has been stellar via chat/email despite no phone option. I was initially concerned your international location could be an issue but you have delivered excellent, prompt and understandable customer service via chat every time."


    Gloria food Fabio C.
    Fabio C.
    Restaurant owner | Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil
    Kbeça Açaiteria

    "The system works very well, it helps a lot with regard to the agility in preparing orders because all the details are already there. I use and recommend."

    Gloria food Chirag P.
    Chirag P.
    Restaurant owner | St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
    Old School Pizza Co.

    "Using the GloriaFood online ordering system is a great experience."

    Gloria food Dana R.
    Dana R.
    Restaurant owner | Moree, New South Wales, Australia
    Michael’s Takeaway

    "GloriaFood has helped us minimize the time serving our customers. Not needing to wait in line is very convenient for them."

    Gloria food Tyrone W.
    Tyrone W.
    Restaurant owner | Johannesburg, South Africa
    Joe's Burgers, Rosebank

    "GloriaFood is a great online ordering option that provides great service and it is very easy to use. There are excellent add-ons available depending on your business needs.With little to no development skills/work required, you can plug and play instantly. What's more, the Online Payment service helped us generate more online orders."

    Gloria food Ying Nan X.
    Ying Nan X.
    Restaurant owner | Cork, Ireland
    Golden Elephant Dinner at Home

    "GloriaFood is a good online service. I appreciate that the customer service responds quickly. When it comes to managing the system, there's minimum effort put into it - I just modify the menu and some common functions. It has also helped me to increase productivity, especially in saving time for receiving orders, compared to accepting traditional phone orders."

    Gloria food Edilson Nascimento dos Santos
    Edilson Nascimento dos Santos
    Restaurant owner | Campina Grande, Paraíb, Brazil
    Desejos Burger

    "GloriaFood is a perfect system and an excellent tool for anyone who wants to provide delivery services."

    Gloria food Benjamin B.
    Benjamin B.
    Restaurant owner | Wetzlar, Germany
    Mr. Bs

    "GloriaFood is an easy-to-use system, which allows you to efficiently organize your menu and manage online orders. It helps us reduce a good amount of time because it is so easy to upload new items or changes quickly from the restaurant admin panel. What I also like is that pick-up / takeaway orders are much faster and easier to process through the website. We accept PayPal payments online. So we can just hand out the food to the customer knowing it’s already paid for. We also love the dine-in option and we use it for every table in and outside the restaurant."

    Gloria food Javi N.
    Javi N.
    Restaurant owner | Pinoso, Spain
    El Punto

    "I am very happy with the system. I would say that it is one of the best applications for food delivery, because of its simplicity, ease of use, and above all, because of the good communication with the support team.

    The system practically works alone and I would give the order-taking app a definite 10."

    Gloria food Matt S.
    Matt S.
    Restaurant owner | Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
    Quvo Tacos and Craft Beer

    "I found my experience with the GloriaFood app to be reliable, and the customer service response time is fantastic. I put in minimal effort managing the online food ordering app. Because of this I recommend GloriaFood."

    Gloria food Syed Z.
    Syed Z.
    Restaurant owner | Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    Limestone Kabob House

    "My experience with GloriaFood has been amazing. The solution is very easy to manage and cost effective. I am using the advanced promotions and online payment modules and they are professional, competent and a great help for my small business."

    Gloria food Hans-Jürg S.
    Hans-Jürg S.
    Restaurant owner | Brüttelen, Switzerland
    Restaurant Zur Linde Barbecuebar Event Gourmet GmbH

    "What I like about the GloriaFood system is the simple user interface - I spend only 1 hour a month to manage my account. For that reason, the very good support that we receive and the available premium features, we highly recommend this system - it is perfect and it meets all our needs."

    Gloria food PABLO ROIG G.
    Restaurant owner | Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain

    "Best self-configurable ordering system with almost all the necessary functions and an attractive design. I didn't find any better! The experience with GloriaFood system is almost always perfect. Huge reliability, very useful and flexible to our needs, and overall, a perfect support service when in doubt. Starting the online ordering for delivery implied few efforts indeed."

    Gloria food Peter H.
    Peter H.
    Company Director | West Sussex, England
    The Master Fryer

    "I find GloriaFood to be an excellent platform for my use case and exactly what I need for my businesses. The company is a pleasure to communicate with too, always very quick to respond and always helpful.

    I would definitely recommend GloriaFood to anyone looking to provide click-and-collect or delivery services for their takeaway. It is an excellent, easy-to-use system from both mine and the customers’ perspective. What I also particularly like is the open API and how I have been able to use this to integrate orders, not only into my till system but also into other live reporting spreadsheets that my staff in the shops use whilst working.

    The online payment feature is a must for us. Other than loyalty points, it's the only form of payment we accept for online orders so when a customer arrives to collect their food they are in and out of the shop very quickly."

    Gloria food Alex S.
    Alex S.
    CIO | Cape Town, South Africa

    "The onboarding process is superb, and the after-sales service is excellent. I would recommend everybody that they go ahead and try the GloriaFood platform."

    Gloria food Rachel S.
    Rachel S.
    Restaurant owner | Mayville, Wisconsin, USA
    Sweet Pea's

    "I love your system and recommend it to everyone I can think of. It is exactly what I needed to help our store capture customers BEFORE they come in the door. It was easy and intuitive. I love the reporting, the phone call I get if I'm missing an order, the fact that I can pause or block off days for it not to be used and the control I have over the menu. I can't think of anything I don't like! It gives our customers the option of ordering when they are ready, rather than waiting for our doors to be open. Some customers have ordered on Gloria as their first contact with us. We are a small business in a small town and Gloria allows us to have a bigger presence than we could afford otherwise. You make us more accessible to a wider range of customers."

    Gloria food David W.
    David W.
    Restaurant owner | Garden City, Wales

    "The system is great. We find the support very good and in general, it's easy to use. It has had a positive impact on the running of our business, and sales, supported by additional advertising, have grown!"

    Gloria food Susan A.
    Susan A.
    Restaurant owner | Portage, Wisconsin, USA
    Canape Sandwiches

    "The system is very easy to set up and for customers to use. It's slowly getting more popular among our customers and increasing our sales."

    Gloria food Delene Douse
    Delene D.
    Restaurant owner | Spanish Town, Jamaica
    Pastas In Heaven

    "Please note that I have found the system to be great. My customers say the portal looks more like a brochure, that an app, but they find it easy to manage. It gave me an edge to allow customers to simply place their orders."

    Gloria food A.Y.A.
    Restaurant owner | Houghton-le-Spring, UK
    Grill House

    "It is fast and easy to edit the menu and that makes it easier for customers to order from our website. This had also a good impact on sales!"

    Gloria food Cameron D.
    Cameron D.
    Restaurant owner | Bedford, New Hampshire, USA
    Sun Shui Asian

    "Overall things have been great with the system. Using it has tremendously increased the sales."

    Gloria food Domenico Liantonio
    Domenico L.
    Restaurant owner | Bangkok, Thailand
    Poldo ItalianFood

    "Great system!"

    Gloria food Simona Popescu
    Simona P.
    Restaurant owner | Bucharest, Romania
    Coffee Island - J8 Office Park

    "The system is just getting better and better! Thank you! Using it has kept us alive during the pandemic!"

    Gloria food Ahmad Didi
    Ahmad D.
    Restaurant owner | Addu City, Maldives
    Zingel Cafe'

    "For a starting business, I found the system to be easy to set up."

    Gloria food Ossie Vega-Lorenzo
    Ossie V.
    Restaurant owner | Tamarac, Florida, USA
    Rejoice Coffee Shop

    "Excellent system!"

    Gloria food Siritorn Srisodsai
    Siritorn S.
    Restaurant owner | Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Siam Authentic Thai Restaurant

    "Easy and friendly interface, as mentioned by our customers. It has helped in increasing orders!"

    GloriaFood review by Cathy L.
    Cathy L.
    Restaurant owner | Papamoa Beach, New Zealand
    The Pizza Library (Papamoa)

    "The program is so easy to use. Even the customers are finding it simple which is good news. When we need assistance, your team gets back to you straight away. We are very happy!"

    GloriaFood review by Nadim Q.
    Nadim Q.
    Restaurant owner | Albertslund, Denmark
    Ide Grill & Indisk Take Away

    "The system works really really good. It is very easy for the customer to use. I am getting good feedback. Thank you!!"

    GloriaFood review by Judy M.
    Judy M.
    Restaurant owner | Raleigh, NC, United States
    Baja Burrito

    "This has been a very easy and convenient application to use. I am pleased I found it by doing research on my options. Any time I have a question you guys respond so quickly and it's always helpful. I love Gloria Food!"

    GloriaFood review by Karine L.
    Karine L.
    Restaurant owner | Alesund, Norway
    Red & Hot

    "It is a fantastic platform with sophisticated functions and high flexibility! It facilitates small businesses like us to receive online orders at zero cost during this difficult pandemic period. Highly recommended!"

    GloriaFood review by Laurent D.
    Laurent D.
    Restaurant owner | Saint Louis, Reunion
    Octopus Food Store

    "It is a good system. Now I can take more orders in the same time."

    GloriaFood review by Chris J.
    Chris J.
    Restaurant owner | Wolfau, Austria
    Erlebnis- und Genusslokal Zum Kleeblatt

    "The system is very intuitive, super user friendly, easy to set up."

    GloriaFood review by Leonardo G.
    Leonardo G.
    Restaurant owner | Civitanova Marche, Italy

    "The system is very well done. I have seen a lot of software and I think yours is one of the best. Considering the lockdown it helped us in simplifying and speeding the sale process."

    GloriaFood review by Gabor C.
    Gabor C.
    Restaurant owner | Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary
    GABEN Restaurant, Borbár és Vinotéka

    "The system is very good - perfect for us - and very versatile."

    GloriaFood review by Enodio A.
    Enodio A.
    Restaurant owner | Brasilia, Brazil
    Brasis Ateliê Gastronômico

    "It is an easy-to-use system that has a powerful and secure warning feature. Despite our small number of operations, the application gives credibility to our business, allowing customer loyalty. The answer is immediate and quick, adding quality to our services and attracting new customers."

    GloriaFood review by Fernando C.
    Fernando C.
    Restaurant owner | Oviedo, Spain
    El Loco del Pelo Rojo

    "The system is very good. We are happy with it. Because of the COVID19 restrictions, our restaurant is closed, and your system helped us a lot."

    GloriaFood review by Minh L.
    Minh L.
    Restaurant owner | London, United Kingdom
    New Bento

    "It’s a pretty good system, designed with thought for the restaurant industry like us. You have a great support system, especially with your online chat. That is how it should be. Support instantaneous. It’s amazing. Before we didn’t get many sales and now they are coming in fast and regular. In the past food clients usually ordered via other platforms, but I see some are slowly migrating to us."

    GloriaFood review by Kathrin B.
    Kathrin B.
    Sales & Marketing | Luzern, Switzerland
    Peperoncini Obergrund

    "We are very happy to have selected Gloria Food."

    GloriaFood review by Bent B.
    Bent B.
    Restaurant owner | Værløse, Denmark
    Ristorante Atlantico

    "It's a great system, helpful in these COVID-19 times."

    GloriaFood review by Yvette S.
    Yvette S.
    Restaurant owner | Groningen, Netherlands
    Du Nord Groningen

    "The system is user-friendly. It has helped in making the major shift from offline to online sales (which was necessary since we are in lockdown). The fees from our local delivery partners were crazy! Plus, I think it is very nice your customer service is so fast and hospitable."

    GloriaFood review by Karim A.
    Karim A.
    Restaurant owner | Fort Worth, TX, United States
    StopNgoGyros N-Beach

    "The system is simple and efficient. It increased our sales since it’s easy for customers to go to the website and place the order."

    GloriaFood review by Anthony
    Anthony D.
    Restaurant Owner | United Kingdom

    "I am now on my third day of using the order system that you provide, and I am pleased to tell you that I could not be more happy with it! I am the least computer literate person around, but overnight and on my own, I managed to set up an attractive, user friendly online order system that has boosted sales, profits, my company reputation, and provided much needed jobs to the area. I have recommended Gloriafood to all my resteranteur friends, and I will continue to sing your praises. Thankyou very much. A VERY happy customer"

    gloria food review by Sandwich Pizza House
    Jeff S.
    Restaurant Owner | Denton TX, USA
    Killer's Tacos

    "Sales results are picking up now. I think this online ordering system is superb. Best I have ever found."

    GloriaFood review by Cosmin
    Cosmin C.
    Managing Partner | Bucharest, RO
    Cucina Di Casa

    "At the moment I think we have the most advanced and complete online ordering system in Romania. From the first weeks of use, the Gloriafood system has provided us with a saving volume of approximately 20% of the turnover, and during the most difficult time of the pandemic, it has brought us even more than 60% of our monthly sales."

    GloriaFood review by MIKE N
    Mike N.
    Restaurant Manager | Cupertino, California, United States
    Alexander's Steakhouse SV

    "Firstly, I want to say that your platform essentially saved our company and jobs for at least a couple of dozen people in our organization. We hit a scramble and were signing up for all the delivery services we could in order to keep our doors open. I was able to setup GloriaFood on the fly and incorporate it into our company and in one week, we've been able to open some of our other concepts back up as well.

    Unexpectedly, it became the favorite with all of our management teams for its simplicity, even unaware that you were commission-free. The other platforms were too complicated or posed technical difficulties that they couldn't manage when they were slammed by the onslaught of new restaurants signing up. The GloriaFood team continued to respond to my questions in a timely manner. We are grateful for you guys over here."

    GloriaFood review by Hakan
    Håkan K.
    Restaurant Manager | Asarum, Sweden
    Sawasdee Thai Food

    "I've been using the GloriaFood ordering system since I started my Thai Take Away and me and my customers just love it. It's so easy to set up in the admin section and our customers love it because it's easy to use and make orders.

    The support team is also worth mentioning – they are just super! Fast, helpful and so understanding. Can't ask for more !

    All of this together, makes our business grow all the time. GloriaFood is just the best!"

    GloriaFood review by Christian
    Christian V.
    Chef propriétaire | Montréal, Canada
    Sushi Momo

    "GloriaFood has been a gamechanger for our takeout restaurant. The platform, which has been well received by our clients, has enabled us to increase sales and order volumes, and has replaced time-consuming and error-prone processes with a streamlined ordering experience.

    The platform's integration capabilities made it easy for us to integrate the system with a local delivery partner, and the online payments module has added further efficiencies.

    This is a product that's being built with restaurants' interests at heart. Kudos to the team for building a five-star product."

    GloriaFood review by TODD
    TODD D.
    Restaurant Manager | Chicago, IL, United States
    Rock Wrap & Roll

    "Paypal works fine, but it was not listed in payment options on the info tab. I see that it's since been added. THANK YOU! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone at Gloriafood for providing such an excellent product. Adding Paypal and the Covid-19 email blast feature is a great way to help independent restaurants combat losses incurred by delivery app companies. I wish more restaurants would discover your product. We love it, and your support staff is outstanding!"

    GloriaFood review by Keith C
    Keith C.
    Restaurant Owner | Kingsport, TN, USA
    The Bagel Exchange

    "I have been using the GloriaFood online ordering service for about 2 years now. Business is up 14% this year and I credit our great food as well as your platform. Your customer service is outstanding as well."

    GloriaFood review by Baljit
    Baljit S.
    Restaurant Owner | Brisbane, Australia
    Punjabi Palace

    "When we've started we had less than 15 orders a day online and within a few months we got to hundreds of orders. To make sure we're doing it right, we also did a survey and the system got a score of 4.6 out of 5 points from approx. 200 people answering on the "how was your online ordering experience" question. I guess we'll continue using this system since it's really delivering results and food clients are happy with it."

    GloriaFood review by Joe
    Joe J.
    Restaurant Webmaster | Liverpool, NY, US

    "Online sales is increasing while orders via phone are decreasing. GloriaFood gives the customers the convenience to order, thus they order more frequently."

    GloriaFood review by Nico
    Restaurant Owner | Bucharest, Romania
    Bucatarasul Cel Dibaci

    "Accepting orders in real time on my smartphone was very handy. Now we can really get more orders faster without having the phone line as a bottleneck and the clinets also love this."

    GloriaFood review by Jose
    Jose F.
    Store Manager | San Justo, Argentina
    Heladería Bianca

    "It’s easy to use. And free, not like other platforms."

    GloriaFood review by Daniel
    Daniel B.
    Restaurant Owner | Phuket, Thailand
    Lucky 13 Sandwich

    "My god... You guys are awesome! I was dreaming about this!"

    GloriaFood review by Sameen
    Sameem N.
    Restaurant Owner | Ontario, Canada
    Luigi's Lasagna & Pizzeria

    "You guys are the BEST EVER! I began using this system almost 2 years ago in my restaurant and it is amazing and keeps getting better, love all the updates so thank you! I watched your promo video and it is a REAL LIFE story if you change John's name to mine haha!"

    GloriaFood review by Mark
    Mark M.
    F.O.H Manager | Pretoria, South Africa

    "Your online ordering system is simply the best. It has already made our customer’s ordering experience much more pleasurable. Simply the BEST!!"

    GloriaFood review by Pietro
    Pietro L.
    Restaurant Owner/Manager | Madrid, Spain
    Gaeta Caffe Pizzeria

    "Some clients prefer to order by Internet instead of ordering by telephone. It is a friendly system to order food online and very easy to implement in a website."

    GloriaFood review by Terry
    Terry S.
    General Manager | Dansville NY, US
    Big Sky Restaurant and Saloon

    "Great Customer Service! I can't say enough good things about this platform! FIVE STAR!!! all the way!"

    GloriaFood review by Georgi
    Georgi V.
    Restaurant owner | Sofia, Bulgaria

    "Before this system, I didn’t sell online. It is working very well for me. Now we can’t make all orders because they are too many."

    GloriaFood review by Patrick
    Patrick K.
    Restaurant owner | Paramaribo, Suriname
    Azteca Exotic Foods

    "We love the online sales results, we see higher sales revenue per order through the website, and the advantage of having all products visible for the client."

    GloriaFood review by Niaz
    Niaz T.
    Restaurant owner | Cardiff, UK

    "Finally a revolutionary and free food ordering software that we have been dreaming of for so many years for online orders, easy to setup, low cost, fantastic support, thank you GloriaFood!"

    GloriaFood review by Amanda
    Amanda S.
    Restaurant owner | Palm Harbor FL, USA
    Ozona Pizza

    "The set up was actually fun especially with the little message area where you get responses rather quickly, with pictures and how to's, and videos if needed. My business has grown significantly with the sales optimized website. I first didn't use it to save money and build clientele, however my sales have quadrupled since using it. It is worth every penny. It’s the best online food ordering system."

    GloriaFood review by Ivan
    Ivan B.
    Restaurant owner | Hvar, Croatia

    "I am completely amazed by your free restaurant ordering software. I cannot even express how happy we are to use GloriaFood. The system does not crash, which is not always the case with other providers, it's easy and simple and would recommend any restaurant to use it."

    GloriaFood review by Maro
    Maro M.
    Restaurant Owner/Manager | Pennsylvania, USA
    NY Style Deli & Pizza

    "It is working great. you guys did a great job developing it .. I've been there since the beginning and i think it is very stable now."

    GloriaFood review by Kevin
    Kevin O.
    Restaurant Webmaster | Naperville, US
    Uncle Pete’s Pizza

    "Great interface and easy to configure Works great and user friendly. Able to take orders the same day. Looking forward to using this for a long time. Suits needs exactly."

    GloriaFood review by Arvid
    Arvid K.
    Restaurant Owner/Manager | Sandnes, Norway
    Siam Garden Thai Restaurant

    "The sales results is the same but it is easier for customers to order. The system is working good and it is easy to use. Recent feedback from customers is that they are very happy about it, it is even been commented on Tripadvisor."

    GloriaFood review by Chatur
    Chatur M.
    Auckland, New Zealand
    The Burger Bach

    "This restaurant online ordering system software is awesome and very user friendly, it increased our restaurant’s sales."

    GloriaFood review by Richard
    Richard S.
    Restaurant Owner | Dukinfield, United Kingdom
    Domingo Pizza

    "People find it easy to use, I have worked out the layout and adding graphics and improved my branding, Our customers seem to like it."

    GloriaFood review by David
    David M.
    Kandern, Germany
    David Carl's

    "The app allows me to have a professional looking online ordering system without a lot of time and effort."

    GloriaFood review by Oskar
    Oskar K.
    Restaurant Owner | Ed, Sweeden
    Alvar Jacobsson AB

    "It works great. Some of our regular customers that don't want to spend time on their lunch break waiting for food, now pre-order through the app."

    GloriaFood review by John
    John R.
    Restaurant Owner | Jamestown NY, USA
    Honest Johns Pizzeria

    "I am very happy with the system so far. I love the ability to edit the site myself. Sometimes what is in my head is not in others, so I get what I want."

    GloriaFood review by Saša
    Saša H.
    Restaurant Owner | Velika Gorica, Croatia
    Bistro Kaktus

    "Very positive, above expectations. It is a very good system and I am looking forward to explore more of its options."

    GloriaFood review by Schäfer
    A. Schäfer
    Webmaster | Garbsen, Germany
    Appetito Garbsen

    "Incorporating the GloriaFood overlay was a good experience, and we are entirely pleased with the result. We like how nicely the menu is structured, the logical handling of the optional ingredients and how the customers get walked through the ordering process. Since we put a lot of effort into the design, we also love how the appearance of the GloriaFood overlay blends into the layout of the main page."

    GloriaFood review by Petru
    Restaurant Owner | Bray, Ireland
    Peter's Pizza

    "Thank you Gloria Food for helping me save over 40k in commission. ZERO COMMISSION it's my best move for my business in Bray-Ireland. I decided to help and share my experience with other friends from Ireland. Great POS online system. Recommend to download Gloria Food App for FREE ( ) and upload your menu and this is how you get started. Score: 9.99 out of 10. I like Gloria Food. Well done guys. Congratulations"

    GloriaFood review by Ben
    Ben E.
    Restaurant Owner | Livermore, CA, US
    Country Waffles

    "Great system and very easy to use. We are lunching our online ordering soon . We could not have done it without the amazing support from the Gloriafood team. I would highly recommend them, If you like to see what I did without any programming experience then checkout our page at"

    GloriaFood review by Emmanuel G.
    Emmanuel G.
    Chef | St Laurent de Mure, France
    Côté Olivier

    "System relatively well designed, practical, very good overall! Customers are happy with the system, easy to use, clear."

    GloriaFood review by Arianna G.
    Arianna G.
    Restaurant owner | Leça da Palmeira, Matosinhos, Portugal
    Sapori d'Italia

    "It is a nice and efficient system."

    GloriaFood review by Andrew C.
    Andrew C.
    Restaurant owner | France
    The Dordogne Chippy

    "Very easy system to use."

    GloriaFood review by Jan B.
    Jan B.
    Restaurant owner | Claußnitz, Germany
    Villa Markersdorf

    "Great system. Customers love how easy it is to order. Using your system, I've made 80% more sales."

    GloriaFood review by Akilan A.
    Akilan A.
    Restaurant owner | Binningen, Switzerland
    Restaurant Indian Summer

    "The system has a major impact on our sales. Plus, everything works fine - no bugs no crashes. Just what we need."

    GloriaFood review by David H.
    David H.
    Restaurant owner | Wotton-under-Edge, United Kingdom
    Swan Hotel

    "In terms of setting up menus and product options, this is the most user-friendly service we've seen as it is largely self-explanatory and we can add or alter products in just a couple of clicks with little to no loading time. It is also very friendly from a customer perspective as well."

    GloriaFood review by David S.
    David S.
    Assistant Manager | Cartagena, Colombia
    Harvey Restaurante

    "It is a very good tool for companies that are growing and don't have pretty much budget to have a sophisticated system."

    GloriaFood review by Milan K.
    Milan K.
    Restaurant owner | Zrenjanin, Serbia
    Restoran Kovač Zrenjanin

    "During 2020. we made the decision to go online with our restaurant menu. GloriaFood was our first choice because it offered all those essential options and flexibility for ordering food online. Since then, we have been working together to improve our online menu and try new features of this great platform. We are extremely satisfied with the sales results and the response of people to this type of ordering. What we like most about the GloriaFood platform is the ability to track sales results down to the smallest detail and use them to improve sales. We warmly recommend this platform to every restaurant owner."

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