Talented Sales People

Provide online ordering consultancy to grow the sales of all those restaurant owners you like to meet

From zero to hero, land every call as a deal

If a restaurant manager is not quite committed from the start to a full plan agreement, you may present a lower budget plan, and upgrade them later.

You may even go down to a starter pack where you'll be charging nothing for the start by providing nothing else than access to our DIY free plan.

Become a partner and promote a service pack for restaurants

No billing system?
No problem!

You either let us invoice the restaurant directly and take a commission from us (the affiliate mode) or you buy from us yourself and bundle our paid services with other services of yours. Up to you.

Business model for GloriaFood partners

Hop-on, hop-off activation

The restaurant may pay as you go only for certain paid modules, you may cancel them any month, reactivate if you want the next, and so on.

As we’ll keep adding more and more free and paid features there will be more and more chances to increase engagement.

Partner dashboard with restaurants overview

Everything is visual, on the fly

We do the technology so you can focus on the business.

We’ve designed the entire platform to be easy to configure. By anyone.

So you don't need to be a techie to get restaurants selling more.

Easy visual editor for partners

Let’s talk

And if there’s something you’re not familiar with, you can always chat with us right there in the partner dashboard area.

We’re always ready to help with explanations, screenshots, schemas, movies, graphical resources and all sort of 3rd party setup and marketing examples so that your restaurants can get the most from those Facebook likes, Google reviews or promo coupons.

Chat support for partners

What's in it for you?

Sell faster

Sell faster, sell easier, sell to more restaurants

Our freemium model allows faster on-boarding of hesitant restaurants with minimum sales effort

Earn more

Make more money, keep more money

Sell your value added services first while adding more value with our free plan at no cost for you.

Less losing

Less losing, more winning

Online ordering is one great way to keep restaurants closer by covering their basic need of more sales.
While sales keep increasing, so does the budget and interest for buying more from you.

Make more

Earn more and more, month by month

Build a steady recurring revenue line from the progressive monthly margins and commissions we reward you on top of the mark-up you earn from your own value added services.

Let's do a better business together!