Efficient Print Houses

Get to do more of what you are good at, plus some recurrent earnings on top
by linking the online with the offline world

Pictures in the menu and cuisine level

We cannot say this enough times: images are important. They speak a thousand words. They create an appetite, cravings… they sell!

And now they have a online place where they can sell instantly.

And you have a clear reason to make restaurants invest in a professional photo shoot of their food and rest assured that their money are well spent.

Easy image uploader for restaurant menus

Get real insights

Learn more about restaurants online business with our real-time reporting module. Orders stats, full customer lists, delivery heatmap and much more. So that you may propose more and more relevant printouts.

GloriaFood Restaurant reporting module in real-time

Print-out templates

Feel free to get inspired or augment any of the print-out resources we provide in your partner marketing area.

There are lots of movie explainers, pictures, schemas, examples of flyers, posters stickers, waiting for your download.

Print-out templates for GloriaFood partners

Coupon codes for offline use on print-outs

The promo engine would not be complete without support for coupon codes. Most common restaurant promotion ideas with coupons involve mass distribution of leaflets (or other printed materials) or text messages.

The purpose here is to acquire new customers. However, they can also work for building loyalty.

Print them on cards and work out an offer with the restaurant that will stimulate more pickups or deliveries on the next orders.

Coupon codes on restaurant flyers

What's in it for you?

Sell faster

Sell faster, sell easier, sell to more restaurants

Our freemium model allows faster on-boarding of hesitant restaurants with minimum sales effort

Earn more

Make more money, keep more money

Sell your value added services first while adding more value with our free plan at no cost for you.

Less losing

Less losing, more winning

Online ordering is one great way to keep restaurants closer by covering their basic need of more sales.
While sales keep increasing, so does the budget and interest for buying more from you.

Make more

Earn more and more, month by month

Build a steady recurring revenue line from the progressive monthly margins and commissions we reward you on top of the mark-up you earn from your own value added services.

Let's do a better business together!