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by Laura-Andreea Voicu

If you’re not celebrating Labor Day at your restaurant, you’re missing out. Customers are constantly looking for Labor Day restaurant specials and promotions, and this is your chance to draw them in.

Give them what they want by adding delicious dishes to your menu, organizing fun events, and offering discounts and promos they won’t be able to resist.

5 Labor Day Food Specials to Tempt Customers With

Labor Day is all about food, so that’s where you need to begin with your Labor Day restaurant specials. From barbecue food to delicious snacks and boozy cocktails, here are some Labor Day food ideas for you to try:

1. Create a Labor Day brunch menu

Going out for a festive brunch is a great way to celebrate Labor Day. Cater to the brunch crowd by creating some brunch specials, such as:

  • Smoked salmon bagel
  • Scrambled eggs with goat cheese and asparagus
  • Spinach quiche
  • Strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese

labor day restaurant specials

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Watch the video tutorial below to learn how easy it is to create a special menu for Labor Day using the free GloriaFood online ordering system:

2. Celebrate Labor Day food traditions with barbecue

Barbecue is one of the most popular Labor Day foods, so your customers are bound to crave it. From ribs to grilled skewers, burgers, hot dogs, and chicken wings, add whatever you can barbecue to the menu this Labor Day weekend.

Labor day weekend restaurant specials: barbecue

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3. Offer traditional Labor Day food

Besides barbecue, serve other traditional foods that will satisfy every customer’s preference:

  • Pulled pork dishes
  • Refreshing salads made with seasonal ingredients
  • Corn on the cob
  • Classic potato salad
  • Coleslaw
  • Seasonal fruit pie

For even more diversity, you can allow customers to customize their meals with extra toppings, sides, and add-ons. Here’s how:

4. Create unique Labor Day cocktails

Labor day menu ideas: add cocktails to the menu

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Drinks are equally important Labor Day restaurant specials. Make up your own cocktails to stand out in the crowd and make customers want to order more. Some Labor Day cocktail ideas are:

  • Rosé Sangria
  • Strawberry basil lemonade (for people who don’t consume alcohol)
  • Tomato spritz
  • Tom Collins
  • Sweet tea smash
  • Rum punch

5. Serve Labor Day snacks to complement your beverages

labor day restaurant specials: tacos

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For people who don’t want a full meal but would like to snack on something while they enjoy a cocktail, here are some Labor Day snack ideas you can try:

  • Loaded nachos
  • Roasted chickpeas and avocado dip
  • Baked garlic parmesan puffs
  • Crab cakes
  • Mini corn dogs
  • Soft pretzel bites
  • Stuffed mushrooms with bacon and cream cheese
  • Mango prosciutto appetizers
  • Mini tacos

5 Labor Day Party Ideas to Organize at Your Eatery

1. Host a Labor Day cookout

If you have a terrace or a patio where you can host people, take out your barbecue and make it a party. You can serve food at a buffet and customers can mingle while sipping on cocktails and listening to music.

2. Hire a live band

Speaking of music, while speakers can do the job just fine, hiring a local performer to sing will make your Labor Day restaurant event even more special.

Make sure to let customers know they should book a table in advance if they don’t want to miss the show.

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3. Organize a picnic

If you’re lucky enough to have a large patio or garden at your restaurant, you can forego the classic tables and invite people for a picnic instead.

The barbecue will be running in the background while customers relax in the grass with their friends and family.

4. Host a beer or wine-tasting event

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While fun cocktails are an excellent addition to your Labor Day menu, you can’t forget about classic drinks like beer and wine.

Why not acquire some local craft beer and wine and organize a Labor Day tasting event? It will break the monotony for both you and your customers.

5. Organize a wear white party

It’s said you can’t wear white after Labor Day. Then why not go all out on the day? Organize a party with a dress code and all-white decorations.

Alternatively, tempt customers with a discount if they show up at your restaurant wearing white.

5 Labor Day Promotion Ideas for Your Restaurant

1. Takeaway picnic basket

labor day picnic

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What about those customers who want to celebrate Labor Day at home or somewhere in nature? Well, you could sell a to-go picnic basket containing everything they need for a magical picnic, from food to bottled drinks and cutlery.

2. Labor Day meal kit

Similarly, maybe customers enjoy cooking delicious dishes at home with their loved ones and they want the ingredients delivered to their doorstep. That’s where your meal kits come in.

labor day meal kits

3. Meal deals for friends and family

Encourage large groups of people to choose your restaurant this Labor Day by offering special deals and discounts for big orders. Here’s how you can create group meal deals using the online ordering system from GloriaFood:

4. Fixed price Labor Day menu

Some customers don’t want to spend time deciding what they’re going to eat on Labor Day. Offer a menu bundle that contains an appetizer, main dish, dessert, and drink for a fixed price, and they’ll be covered.

Learn more about creating meal bundles and other combo offers in the video below:

5. Free slice of pie with every order

Pie is as American as Labor Day. Give customers a sweet treat by offering a free pie slice with every order over a certain value.

Here’s how easy it is to add a free item promo, as well as a variety of other restaurant promotions to your menu using the GloriaFood promotions module:

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5 Labor Day Decoration Ideas to Make Your Restaurant Stand Out

1. All-American decorations

labor day decorations

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You can’t go wrong with red, white, and blue, and the star-spangled banner for your Labor Day restaurant specials. Decorate the entrance, tables, and even the food to give it the all-American spirit.

2. Lanterns for a magical evening on the patio

If you’re going to celebrate Labor Day outside, mark the special occasion by decorating your patio with lanterns that will give the evening a festive feel.

3. Festive wreath for the entrance

What better way to draw attention to your front door than by hanging a red, white, and blue wreath? Add a flyer advertising your Labor Day restaurant specials and passersby might be tempted to walk in or make a reservation.

4. Labor Day menu board out front

If you would like to encourage walk-ins this Labor Day, write your Labor Day restaurant specials and promotions on a board and display it on the sidewalk so people can see what they’re missing.

5. Photo corner with props and decorations

Finally, if you want customers to post about your Labor Day festivities online, encourage photo-taking by creating an Instagrammable corner filled with decorations and props.

Make sure you display your Instagram handle and encourage customers to tag you in the photos they post.

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Wrapping up

Celebrate Labor Day 2023 in style by welcoming customers with traditional Labor Day restaurant specials, promotions, and events. Before you know it, they’ll tell their friends about it and become loyal patrons that come back again and again.

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