How Does Online
Food Ordering System Work

And how to grow your business without spending money

Some restaurant owners are reluctant to get started with online food ordering. It can seem like a complex and time-consuming process to put in place or difficult to maintain.
So they either give up or completely outsource this part. But then the entire setups becomes inflexible or too expensive. Other solutions are less reliable or miss too many features. Feels like there’s no easy way.

So we took it upon ourselves to talk with restaurant owners like you and see what they needed. How does online food ordering system work in their favor? The rules of the game were universal common sense:

  • It shouldn’t eat away the restaurant’s profits;
  • It needs to be set up easily, by non-technical people who cook yummy dishes, not software programs;
  • It should be low-maintenance;
  • Most of all, it should work for business owners and food lovers alike and make the latter come back soon.

And that’s exactly what we did and more. In fact, we understood that restaurants needed something reliable that will help them grow. And we made it so affordable that it’s actually free, which means it costs you a lot more not to use it.

And by free we don’t mean taking commissions or displaying ads for you or your customers, we hate those too :-)

How does online food ordering system work?

  • 1. Your customer places a food order on your website or Facebook page.
  • 2. The order is instantly pushed to your smartphone or tablet where you can review it via the free order taking app we provide.
  • 3. You decide the pickup time/delivery time and your answer is pushed right away, which makes the entire process short and effective.
  • 4. You start cooking and can come back to the order taking app anytime to see past or any pending orders.

The best part about it is that it’s as custom as you need it to be and takes the shape of the business using it.

How does online food ordering system work and what are the benefits

See the full infographic about how the online food ordering system works here.

Alright, what do I need to set it up?

A button.

Yes, really, a button. To set up our online food ordering system in place, all you need to do is add the “See MENU & Order” button to your website and Facebook page. When clicked, this will open up your restaurant menu so that your customer can choose mouth-watering dishes.

You'll also be able to add the "Table Reservations" button on your website so customers can easily book a table or order food in advance for when they get there.

How to set up the online food ordering system

How to get the button ready in just a few minutes:

  • 1. Simply so that you can tell customers where to find you, delivery zones and any specific fees or minimum orders.
  • 2. Use our free drag & drop editor to generate your restaurant menu - add items, food categories, toppings or anything else you might need.
  • 3. After you filled out this info and reached the “Publishing” phase, we generate you a custom HTML snippet that you need to copy-paste to your website. This will add the ordering & reservation buttons to a place of your choosing which will open a widget over the page where clients can easily add items to cart or provide the booking information. We’d recommend adding the snippet somewhere visible, like the homepage or the navigation bar so that your visitors find it easily. For your Facebook page, it’s the same drill, but even easier!
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