How To Start Selling Online


Trying some casual pick-up service first would provide an effective way of calibrating a full-blown take-away business without investing and risking too much from the start. There are many things such as menu items, pricing packaging and cooking flows to optimize before putting more chips on this idea.

But when you see promising results for your takeout business, don’t wait! Set-up a website asap and allow people to also order ahead and pre-order for pickup online. Avoid letting them queue up because this may backfire on your business. Queuing people are frustrated, some are even noisy and they will be starring in the plates of the other people that came to dine-in. Customer satisfaction may decrease an all-fronts.

In this section you can read about:

  • How to set up a restaurant website that helps you sell
  • How to get started with social media for your restaurant
  • How to get ready for online ordering
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