How To Get More Value From Your Food Delivery Service

How to read the HeatMap to improve your business

In the Admin area of our online ordering system you get a HeatMap of your delivery business. Use it to get valuable hints about where you can optimize your business. The map looks like this:

heatmap of your online food delivery service

Analyze your current delivery zones. The fact that some areas are more active than others might not come as a surprise. But look at the less active zones and ask yourself: what can you do to get more business? What’s there, who are those people and how can you make them your customers?

  • Companies, office buildings: make sure they know about your lunch offer. You can spread some flyers or target them very effectively with Facebook ads.
  • People, apartments/houses: why aren’t they your customers? If it’s a brand awareness issue you can again turn to some online and offline advertising. Maybe it’s the competition. Find out where this people are eating from and why. You’ll learn what you need to improve: offering (menu or pricing), quality, time to deliver, loyalty program or whatever else.

Now look outside the delivery area. Are there some neighbourhoods worth turning your attention to? Look at the orders that you have accepted outside your normal delivery area. Where those just random orders, or is it a hint that there is demand there?

Expand your food delivery area

You have the chance to increase your online ordering clients by expanding the delivery areas. But don’t spread yourself too wide. Stay focused! The delivery areas you cover should allow you to deliver food typically in less than 45 minutes from order time, max 20 minutes from “food ready” time.

Remote delivery areas do not bring significantly more business. Moreover, they might generate client disappointment and refunds, with food getting cold, riders being late, increased minimum order values or igher delivery fees. In addition, is it worth the risk of having a rider stuck in traffic for hours on the other side of the city? Think about all these and decide wisely how far is too far.

Insourcing vs. outsourcing food delivery

As you are looking into extending your delivery areas, you might be constrained by the existing delivery resources you have available. In such a case, consider outsourcing the food delivery. Outsourcing takes off your shoulders all the issues related to vehicles and delivery staff. Depending on the size of your fleet, it can be a very cost-effective choice. Of course, we can’t reduce everything to costs. Your brand is at stake. So you would need a reliable partner that can get the job done without decreasing your quality standard.

Look into this option, balance the pros and cons and decide what works best for you.

Turn your riders into promoters of your online food delivery service

Since you offer food delivery anyway, why not make the most of all the opportunities?

One common way is to advertise by branding your mopeds and cars. People can thus notice your site and cuisine while your vehicles are at work.

A more creative way is to use you riders for flyer distribution as well. Think about it: they get access to so many buildings while doing deliveries. Why not spend a minute leaving some flyers as well? Incentivize them. Share the success with the team and they will be motivated to do it.

One way to keep track of their promotional activity is to create coupon-based promo deals with an individual coupon code for each rider that was turned into a promoter. Based on the number of new orderers redeeming that coupon deals, you may be able to monitor and incentivize your riders on a weekly or monthly basis. The reporting module and the marketing module of your ordering admin area can help you implement this idea easy.

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