How To Get Your First Delivery Orders

Do all that you've done before for pick-up, but you may now also offer delivery to those select few potential customers who are within walking distance of your restaurant. Try only during lunch hours and dinner time if that's when you have the highest chances to sell menu items for delivery.

Our system allows you to configure very granular opening hours for delivery and custom-shaped delivery areas, just for a few streets, if you are not ready for more. Find one or two employees from your staff who want to pick up this casual challenge with you. You can hire employees specifically for that task if the delivery service is favorable.

Have a look at the below video to see how easy it is to set up delivery areas for your restaurant.

Spread the news in your neighborhood

Make some flyers and spread them in your deliveries-covered neighborhood once every month. If possible, do not leave flyers in the mailbox as people typically take all those and throw them directly into the garbage bin.

If it is legally allowed, try hanging flyers on the door knobs or stuff them under car wipers. If there are office buildings in your area, dental clinics, or other private but public places, try asking the doorman if/where it is possible to display your menu flyers. Chances are they have a newsstand designed precisely for such purpose so that their club members or clients can easily find information about where/how to grab some food nearby.

  • Make it clear on your flyer that your customers can place an order on your website or Facebook page. This will drive offline clients online and turn them into regulars. Put this flyer along with every meal order you deliver.
  • Don't miss the opportunity even when clients meet with you. On every branded and printed item, you should also have a little promo space for your website, online ordering, and loyalty promo, if any.

Don't be shy about your website. Mention it somewhere visible on your flyer, and include a coupon code for those first-time clients. Here's an example of what a promotional flyer could look like. Feel free to use our template: download PSD file. Give this file and your modification requests to the design/printing agency.

restaurant menu flyer
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