How To Promote Your Restaurant With Google AdWords (Part 5)

Final tips for manual CPC bid

If you decide to take matters into your own hands and go for the manual bid strategy, here are some more tips to consider.

Use the bid adjustments

You might discover that there are contexts in which it’s worth increasing your bids, because your ads perform better. AdWords allows you to set some conditions under which you want your bids to increase with a certain percentage. Here are the types of bid adjustments that you can use, along with some examples:

  • Ad scheduling - Scenario: You have lunch offers and you want your ads to show up more frequently during lunch hours. Set up a campaign for these keywords and use the bid adjustments to schedule the ads for the lunch interval.
  • Device - If you notice that some ads are more profitable on the mobile device, for example, set a bid adjustment on the campaign level or ad group level to have more exposure on the mobile. Just remember that in case you have a bid adjustment both on campaign and ad group, the one from the ad group will be used.
  • Location - Set a small radius around your restaurant and intensify your ads for people located in this area. This bid adjustment works at a campaign level as well.

Note: You can also decrease the chances of an ad to show up by using negative percentages.

Test different positions

Don’t always target the first position. While indeed, statistically speaking, the higher the position the higher the click rate, do test several positions in the search page. You might find out that you can get the same results with a lower bid.

Use negative keywords

At all time you should monitor the performance of your keywords. While you might want to increase the bids for the most profitable ones, you also need to get rid of the keywords that don’t perform. As you broaden the list, you will find yourself in situations where you need to run away from certain words. For example: you’re targeting “pizza delivery”, but you want to stop displaying ads for “pizza delivery non stop”. Using “non-stop” as a negative keyword will help you accomplish that.

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