The Complete Guide To Facebook Ads For Restaurants (Part 1)

So you are at the point of having a Facebook page for your restaurant, with a decent amount of followers and online orders. Now you want to get to the next level using Facebook ads. If this is the case, roll up your sleeves and keep reading. Otherwise, start with the basics: get your social profiles up and running and get your first online orders.

To create your first Facebook ad, go to Ads Manager and click on Create Campaign.

Facebook campaign types and objectives

The first thing that Facebook will ask is the objective of your campaign. Here’s a list of campaign types that are most interesting to you, as a restaurant business:

Objective Choose it when you want to:
Boost post Increase reach and engagement with your page. Facebook doesn’t organically show your posts to all your page fans. If you have a message that you want to be seen by all your fans, you need to boost post.
Page likes Increase the number of your Facebook page fans. Get more people to know about your restaurant and collect more followers.
Send people to your website Get clicks on a particular link. A good example is when you do an online promotion. In this case, views to your posts are not enough. You need clicks that will turn into online orders.
Raise attendance at your event Organize an event get attendance. Facebook can show your ad to people who are more likely to respond.
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