Can I customize the emails sent to my customers?

FAQCan I customize the emails sent to my customers?

When you use our solution completely for free, there are 2 cases where your customer can receive a restaurant-related email.

1. When you accept, reject or miss an order

Your customer can hit the reply button and the feedback will be sent directly to you. Although the email is sent from our email server, the replies are being sent from the customer to you.

We took several initiatives to use a high quality email server which ensures that the emails will not end up in your customer's spam folder. This email server is legally registered to us so the email template must contain our imprint. We have kept the branding to a minimum though.

2. When you send out an email blast

COVID E-Mail Blast

We have recently released a new email blast feature, which enables you to stay in touch with your customers and let them know all about the food safety measures you’ve taken to protect them & your staff against COVID-19.

When you use this feature to send out email blasts to your customers, you should know that, essentially, all the text can be edited:

  • The subject line
  • The headline
  • The body text
  • The call-to-action

The images are automatically added by us, and they are specifically designed to fit your fulfillment options (no-contact delivery and / or minimum exposure pickup).

Send your customers a COVID email to inform them about your safety measures