How To Set Up Online Ordering For Restaurant

Easily set up free online ordering and take food orders instantly

Quick setup with no tech skills required

Getting the online ordering system up and running takes less than cooking your restaurant’s simplest dish.

Don’t worry about how to set up online ordering for restaurant - we got you covered. The modern interface is so intuitive, it almost feels like the setup is made automagically. Our main goal is providing you with a fast and effortlessly smart way to have everything you need so that you can start with online food ordering and grow your business.

How to set up online ordering for restaurant for free:

1. and tell customers a bit more about your place, like where to find you, operating hours and what type of delicious cuisine to expect.

2. Choose pickup & delivery options and easily select delivery zones, with the possibility to add a minimum order limit for each of them or add a delivery fee. Everything is as custom as you need it to be.

3. Generate your restaurant menu using the simple drag & drop editor. Add categories, food items, mouth-watering images, toppings, portion sizes, etc. Regardless of how many options you add, the result will look always clean, modern and optimized for any device.

How to set up online ordering for restaurant and sell online

4. Add the online ordering button to your website by copy-pasting a piece of HTML code we provide. That’s how easy it is to start taking online orders!

5. Use the free order taking app we provide to review and accept orders instantly from your smartphone or tablet. You’ll need a steady internet connection to get notified as soon as a customer places an order. Even if the connection somehow drops, you’ll also receive an email notification, just to be sure!

6. Start cooking!

Don’t have a website just yet?

No worries about that - our online ordering system can generate for you a restaurant website that does more than just look pretty, and all that in under a minute!
The result will be a modern & responsive website that’s optimized for search engines and has built-in online ordering.

How to set up online ordering for restaurant website