How To Boost Posts To Increase Reach On Facebook

To overcome Facebook’s limitation of your posts’ organic reach, one good option is to boost posts. A very popular (a.k.a quite affordable) and fast way is to click on “boost post” from your timeline. The following screen will appear.

From here, there are only a couple of simple steps:

  • 1. Select your audience: in this scenario we are aiming to maximize the reach of your fans, so go for People who like your Page. If you want to get also a bit of extra exposure, choose People who like your Page and their friends. Note that you need at least 50 fans on your page to have these 2 options shown.
  • 2. Select your budget and duration: the total amount you are willing to spend for this boost. Based on what you choose, Facebook will estimate the number of persons reached. The promotion will run for as many days as you select. The budget will be split evenly per each day.
  • 3. Select a payment method for this ad’s spending.

Boosting posts can also help if you want to go hunting for new potential clients. In the Boost Post screen above you need to select as audience People you choose through targeting and then hand-pick the ones you want to see your post.

A basic thing you should do is target your ad based on the location. There’s no point for someone in New York to see the post about your restaurant in San Francisco. Next, tailor your audience even further with age, gender and interests. You might be a fast food restaurant very popular only among the young people or you might have a niched cuisine on raw vegan. Another example would be announcing a special promotion for free eer when ordering online during the Football World Cup. This would be a good fit for targeting men.

Boosting posts from the timeline has the advantage of being quick and handy. However, we do need to advise to boost posts with Facebook Ads. From Ads, you have advanced options for discovering and targeting new clients.

However you decide to boost your post, note that the image you choose to use in your post needs to comply with the max 20% text rule. This means that if you want to use an image with marketing message on it, the text should not cover more than 20% of the photo’s space. Upload your picture and use the Facebook grid to measure how much text is in your photo. Update: Facebook has recently lifted the max 20% text ban, but to be on the safe side is good to anyway respect this rule. It’s not a bad rule in any case.

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