New Product Release:
The Reporting Module

Product launch July 20th, 2015

Bucharest, July 20th, 2015: GloriaFood, the online ordering platform for restaurants introduced today its reporting module, a new free feature supporting business owners to take data-driven decisions.

With the ultimate goal of helping small and medium businesses extend their activities, this reporting dashboard answers restaurant owners’ questions about their customers and provide performance data.

The reports are grouped into three sections:

  1. The Essentials offers a quick overview over the restaurant business. At a glance, the manager can see the sales summary, the connectivity report of the order taking app and the map of their delivery orders.
  2. The Orders section gets into details with graphs like pickup vs. delivery, sales per ordering channel (website or facebook, desktop or mobile), or preferences like order now or later.
  3. The Lists allow restaurant managers to export the contact and order details of their clients. While there are more and more complains about not owning the customer data when using ordering aggregators, here is GloriaFood, taking a step forward. “It is their brand, their customers.”, says Oliver Auerbach, CEO and Founder of GloriaFood. “We encourage restaurants to be active in marketing their business and we support them as much as possible”.
Statistics dashboard with heatmaps and reports

With this intuitive tool, restaurant owners can easily monitor their performance and compare it with a previous period. In addition, the delivery heatmap feature allows a quick overview of best performing areas and gives clues on which locations should receive more marketing focus.

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About GloriaFood: GloriaFood has created the world’s first FREE online ordering system for restaurants worldwide. With the help of a website ordering widget and a Facebook app, small and medium restaurants can take online orders straight on their smartphones or tablets. Designed to make online food ordering a smooth and amazing experience for both the hungry client and the restaurant owner, GloriaFood helps restaurant owners cash-in big time by enhancing their online presence. Born in TechHub Bucharest, the awarded GloriaFood startup has already launched the main feature-set which provides the best TCO reasons for being integrated by restaurants.