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The world’s first free online ordering system for restaurants

Product launch October 2, 2013

Bucharest, October 2, 2013: Bucharest-based tech startup GloriaFood has developed an online ordering system which can be integrated on restaurants’ website or Facebook page. In an industry where restaurant owners have to pay high commissions to the big ordering portals or monthly fees to other online ordering platform companies, GloriaFood seeks to make a significant change by providing its modern solution for free to restaurants worldwide. Targeting mainly smaller, family-run restaurants, the goal is to help these units maximize their business potential by monetizing their online presence.

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In his CTO role at, Oliver Auerbach traveled the world on business trips and used online food ordering from many local restaurants. However, the overall user experience has been quite disappointing at times. Looking further into this problem, Oliver felt the troubles that small restaurant owners had with implementing a good online ordering system. And that is when he decided to leave Avira - a global antivirus company with a 100 mil. userbase and become the co-founder of GloriaFood. Oliver is all about spotting a business opportunity: "I believe food lovers should have an amazing ordering experience for their delivery. I think this should be possible without ripping off restaurants by charging high commission payments on every order".

Learn more: read the GloriaFood Manifesto

With GloriaFood, customers can order via a widget installed on the restaurant’s website or Facebook page. Aside from building an extremely user-friendly widget with increased cart checkout page usability, GloriaFood differentiates itself through its unique order-taking process: the restaurant owner can take orders directly on a smartphone or tablet, thus transforming the mobile device into an order-receiving machine. The widget installation process is very easy and quick, and more importantly, there are no setup fees, no binding contracts and no commissions for the restaurant owner.

Watch here the GloriaFood Product Demo video.

Restaurant owners can install the widget after subscribing on, which triggers instant access to the admin panel and the setup process details.

In the future, the company plans to promote its premium features, while also looking to partner up with other companies from the global HORECA industry in order to provide value-adding services to its existing customer base.

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About GloriaFood: GloriaFood has created the world’s first FREE online ordering system for restaurants worldwide. With the help of a website widget and a Facebook app, small and medium restaurants can take online orders straight on their smartphones or tablets. Designed to make online food ordering a smooth and amazing experience for both the hungry client and the restaurant owner, GloriaFood helps restaurant owners cash-in big time by enhancing their online presence, even on mobile devices. Born in TechHub Bucharest, the awarded GloriaFood startup has already launched the main feature set which provides best TCO reasons for being integrated by restaurants.