Free Wix Restaurant
Online Ordering System

Take unlimited orders in real time with zero commissions and no ads

About the Wix restaurant online ordering tool

Extend your business and start taking online orders like a pro.

Fill in your profile and create a Wix restaurant menu with food categories, toppings, images, delivery & pickup options and everything else you need to increase your sales.

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Wix restaurant online ordering system for your website

Add it to your website in minutes

The setup for the Wix restaurant online ordering system is just a matter of copy-pasting a HTML snippet we provide and doing a few clicks.

After filling your restaurant profile and creating your food menu, all you need to do is add the “See MENU & Order” button to your website. We recommend you add it in a visible place, like the navigation bar and the first part of your pages. This will make sure that your customers find it easily.

Wix online ordering for restaurants

Real time ordering with the order taking app

Get the free order taking app to get real time notifications on your smartphone or tablet.

Each time an order is placed, a visual & audio alert will ring on your Android or iOS device. You have about 3 minutes to review it and as soon as you’ve decided, your customer will receive the confirmation instantly!

Now all you have to do is start cooking and let more customers know how easy it is to place an order for your restaurant.

Online ordering wix restaurant with real time orders and order taking app