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Restaurant Online Ordering

Create a restaurant menu and take unlimited online orders with zero commissions

Squarespace restaurant online ordering system

Fill out your restaurant profile to create an online menu you can brag about to your customers.

The highly intuitive menu editor allows you to organize food categories, delicious items with pictures and add-ons (like toppings, for example) with just drag & drop. Add a promotion or combo deals and start selling online to attract more clients.

The result is spotless as we made sure that, no matter how many dishes you add, your menu will always look modern and clean on any device!

You can add the online ordering plugin on your Facebook page too!

Squarespace restaurant online ordering for desktop and mobile

Quick and easy setup

Setting up your Squarespace restaurant online ordering only takes a few minutes.

After you’ve created your restaurant menu, you simply need to add the “See MENU & Order” button on your website and we’ll take it from there.

The online ordering button is actually a piece of HTML code that you’ll find in your GloriaFood admin page and you need to copy-paste it into a visible section of your website. We recommend you add it to the homepage as it’s the most important part of your website.

Squarespace online ordering system for restaurants

Squarespace restaurant with real time online ordering

Now that you’re all set, it’s time to take online orders like a pro!

Get the free order taking app to easily review and accept orders directly from your smartphone or tablet with just a tap.

Each time an order is placed on your website, you’ll receive a visual & audio alert on your Android or iOS device and you can send the confirmation instantly to your customers.

Food ordering system squarespace with online ordering