Do you have a mobile app my clients can use to order from me?

FAQ / Do you have a mobile app my clients can use to order from me?

The FoodBooking app (free service)

This "shared app" is based on a curated list of restaurants that use our system. Typically, we invite you to take advantage of the client mobile app once your restaurant meets the eligibility criteria. These are:

Free mobile ordering app for restaurants
  • Your restaurant is real and the name you have inserted is accurate.
  • Your restaurant has a website on its own domain name (like www.your-restaurant-name.extension). Sub-domains (like are not accepted.
  • The order button (or at least a link pointing to online ordering) is present and visible without scroll on the main page of the website.
  • You have your real restaurant menu inserted.
  • You are using one account per restaurant location.
  • You have pictures properly representing the cuisine and the menu items that you have inserted.
  • The connectivity score of the Order Taking App is at least 0.9 (you can check the score in the Reports section of the Admin Panel, under Connectivity Health).

If you believe you are meeting the criteria, feel free to request activation from within the Admin Panel. To check out the app, please visit

The restaurant branded app (premium service)

This is your own, custom-built mobile app for Android. Your restaurant is the only one listed and the app is personalized to reflect your brand, from logo to slogan and background image.

Custom mobile ordering app for restaurants

You can purchase this from within your restaurant account.