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by Andreea Dobrila

What are some of the new restaurant trends in 2024? What tendencies should you be aware of to adapt and optimize your restaurant operations? We look at some restaurant trends data to see what has changed in the restaurant industry in 2024 and how you can capitalize on those changes.

Restaurant Trends 2024

The restaurant trends presented below are supported by Oracle’s Restaurant Scene 2022 report – a global survey of over 5,700 consumers in 11 countries. Their findings suggest an increased desire for technology in the food and beverage industry, as well as transparency and sustainability.

Food Takeout & Delivery Trends 2024

When getting takeout from a restaurant, 32% of consumers prefer to order via a mobile app, versus only 20% who prefer in-person interactions. This shows how the pandemic and increased use of mobile devices has influenced the way consumers relate to their favorite restaurants.

When ordering at a drive-thru, people still prefer in-person interaction (28%) versus a mobile app (22%), but the gap is smaller.

The benefits of having a restaurant mobile app include:

  • An increase in the order value.
  • More control over the ordering experience.
  • More repeat business.

If you’re thinking of getting a mobile app, here are the five essential restaurant app features it should contain.

A dine-in alternative to a restaurant mobile app is a QR code menu that customers can scan at their tables to place orders without interacting with the servers.

Consent needed

45% of consumers also believe that in-person orders take longer than drive-thru or order ahead. Allowing your customers to place orders in advance is an excellent way to distinguish your restaurant and fulfill orders faster.

Enable Order Ahead and Scheduled Orders for Free Customers can place and order while booking a table or place their order ahead of time

Customers are also becoming more impatient. The time before they get annoyed waiting for an order has considerably decreased. When ordering at a counter, 36% of customers get annoyed in 5 minutes of them waiting to order, and 32% get annoyed in 10 minutes of waiting to receive their order.

Ensure that you have dedicated staff for handing online orders for pickup, delivery, or catering so that customers don’t have to wait long or feel neglected over dine-in customers.

29% of respondents also agree that delivery riders picking up orders impacts the restaurant atmosphere, so consider creating a separate entrance or waiting area so that they don’t interfere with your regular operations.

Restaurant Technology Trends 2024

As social distancing became the norm, so did customers’ desire to place and collect food orders without in-person interaction. 31% of respondents said that click and collect is their preferred way to order, while an additional 32% said it positively influences where they eat.

Additionally, providing click and collect makes 44% of customers more loyal, with 59% saying they’d spend more because of it.

Enable curbside pickup or minimum exposure pickup features to keep your customers safe and satisfied. Learn more about essential online ordering system features and how to enable them in our system.

Among these features, you will also find contactless online payments, which 40% of customers prefer. 53% of them prefer paying by credit card, but you should also consider enabling PayPal payments for more variety.

Healthy eating seems to have taken over in terms of restaurant food trends in 2024. 70% of study respondents think it’s important for restaurants to offer healthy options on their menu.

Additionally, there’s growing concern surrounding food sources and ingredients. 52% of customers love restaurants that clearly label these things, which influences their purchasing habits.

Restaurants that respect and accommodate customers’ dietary preferences are also increasingly popular. 46% of customers love having the ability to manage their preferences and share them with the restaurant.

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Restaurant Marketing Trends 2024

Regarding marketing your restaurant in 2024, restaurant consumer trends haven’t changed that much. Restaurant promotions are still the best way to secure loyalty.

55% of respondents love receiving special offers and promotions based on their location, while 45% love receiving suggestions based on their purchase history.

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The best way to attract new customers and increase customer retention is to offer targeted, personalized promotions based on customer behavior and preferences. But instead of having to do this manually, allow us to run your promotions on autopilot for you.

You can create campaigns that re-engage old customers, stimulate repeat orders, and prevent cart abandonment, which can run in the background.

Learn more here: How to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Restaurant Again & Again

Restaurant Sustainability Trends

Finally, restaurant sustainability is another hot topic in 2024. Biodegradable or recyclable food packaging influences 49% of restaurant customers. 54% of respondents also said their purchasing decisions were influenced by efforts to lower food waste.

Not to mention that considering the rise in food delivery, carbon emissions have become a pain point for many customers. According to Oracle’s study, 42% of respondents are influenced by low or zero-emission takeout and delivery services.

If you’re wondering how to make your restaurant more environmentally-friendly, read our guide to learn more.

Recap: Essential Restaurant Trends in 2024

Here are the main restaurant industry trends you should concern yourself with in 2024:

Restaurant trend #1: Mobile app takeout and ordering ahead is on the rise as customers grow more impatient

Restaurant trend #2: Click and collect, curbside pickup, and minimum exposure pickup satisfy customers’ need for social distancing

Restaurant trend #3: A large majority of restaurant customers seek healthy menu options

Restaurant trend #4: Customers love receiving promotions and suggestions based on their location and purchase history

Restaurant trend #5: Customers are more likely to order from restaurants that lower food waste, use biodegradable or recyclable food packaging, or have low or zero-emission takeout and delivery

So stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of these vital restaurant trends in 2024 to propel the growth of your business.

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