gloriafood updates may 2023
by Laura-Andreea Voicu

May 2023 was an exciting month for us, with the release of a brand new flurry of menu enhancements, as well as a video tutorial on creating group meal deals, and more fresh content on the blog.

Great news: we’ve just released a new menu feature that allows you to add information about the ingredients, allergens, additives, and nutritional values of your menu items.

This type of menu labeling helps protect your food clients by providing potentially life-saving information related to allergens.

All you need to do to label your menu items is go to Menu setup & receive orders, click on the three dots next to each menu item, and then on Manage.

manage menu items

Then you can:

  • Mark the item as vegetarian, vegan, halal, hot, or gluten-free (if applicable)
  • Insert the ingredients that the dish contains
  • Add the allergens included (if any)
  • Add the additives (if any)
  • Input the nutritional values of the item

customize menu item

If you can’t find all the allergens or nutritional values you’d like to add on the default list we provide, you can also add your own.

Once you save the changes, this is how customers will see the information on your menu:

menu with allergens and nutritional values

New Video: How to Attract Families to Your Restaurant Using Group Meal Deals

If you’ve always wondered how to attract large groups to your restaurant, you’re in the right place. Our latest video tutorial will show you how to create family meal bundles and group meal deals using our online ordering system.

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See you next month for more exciting updates!

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