gloriafood updates august 2023
by Laura-Andreea Voicu

Here is a deep dive into the content we’ve released in the month of August on our restaurant blogs. We cover everything from tips on attracting more customers to your restaurant to avoiding common mistakes restaurant owners make. Let’s get into it!

New GloriaFood Blog Articles

What You Need to Know Before Choosing the Counter Service Restaurant Model

If you’re considering the counter service restaurant model due to its high table turnover and profit margins, here are the main aspects you should consider before making a choice, including the impact on food quality, customer comfort and engagement, and employee satisfaction.

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How to Start a Fast-Food Restaurant That Customers Will Love

A step-by-step guide on opening a fast-food, including the necessary tools and technology. Complete with a detailed account of how to help your new restaurant succeed by offering food delivery, regular promotions, and doing email marketing.

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Free fast-food online ordering system Start accepting unlimited takeaway orders with zero commissions and no hidden fees

10 Restaurant Grand Opening Ideas to Kickstart Your Business

Your grand opening dictates how your restaurant will be perceived in the future. Implement these grand opening ideas to ensure you make it one to remember with delicious food, exciting promotions, and fun activities.

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10 Common Mistakes Restaurant Owners Make & How to Avoid Them

The restaurant industry is notoriously difficult to navigate. As such, you might fall victim to common mistakes restaurant owners make. We look at why these happen and how you can avoid them and look for better alternatives.

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5 Simple Steps to a Successful Restaurant Rebranding

Is it time to refresh your restaurant brand? Ensure you have a successful rebranding by analyzing your target audience, evaluating your competitors, training your staff, refreshing your visual identity, and prioritizing marketing.

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20 Labor Day Restaurant Specials & Ideas to Attract a Crowd

Celebrate Labor Day at your restaurant by adding food specials to your menu, organizing a fun party, offering limited-time promotions, and decorating your restaurant to attract more customers and get into the holiday spirit.

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10 Fall Restaurant Promotions to Attract Customers This Cozy Season

The leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping, and customers crave delicious warm meals and beverages. Celebrate autumn in all its glory by adding fall restaurant promotions and specials to your menu.

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Add a fall promotion to your menu in seconds Use one of our many promotion templates to target both new and returning customers with autumn surprises

10 Restaurant Anniversary Ideas to Celebrate with Your Loyal Patrons

A restaurant anniversary is the perfect opportunity to celebrate with the people who helped bring you here: your customers. Reward them with limited menu items, promotions, giveaways, live entertainment, and more.

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New RestaurantWebsiteBuilder Articles

How to Use Restaurant Food Plating to Attract More Clients

We eat with our eyes first. Well-executed food plating can persuade potential customers to choose your restaurant over the competition. We teach you the basics of food plating and how to choose the best type of plating for your restaurant.

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25 Social Media Post Ideas for Restaurants to Attract Attention

Are you looking for content ideas for your restaurant’s social media profiles? Look no further. We have a comprehensive list ranging from testimonials to new menu items, attractive promotions, recipes, ambient videos, and more.

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