Restaurant Online Ordering System
by Andreea Dobrila

We’re very excited to start off the official blog of GloriaFood!

As this blog will serve as the main channel of communication with our audience (our readers, restaurant owners, customers and partners, friends and fans), we’ll make it clear from the start: we can’t wait to start a dialogue with you as we crave your feedback and opinions! So we hope you’ll enjoy reading through our posts as much as we enjoy writing them.

With no further due…

WE ARE: a tech company founded in TechHub Bucharest, born out of our love for food and going out to nice eating places and our passion for technology.

WE CREATE:  an online food ordering system that can be used by restaurants anywhere in the world. Customers place their online orders through a website widget or a Facebook app, and the restaurant receives the online orders straight on a smartphone or tablet.

Web Mobile Social Integration Ordering System

AND WE ARE REACHING OUT TO: YOU, owners of small and medium restaurants and eateries all around the world.  If your goal is to save your business while plunging into the modern online world, then hopefully this blog will inspire you to make the right choices for your restaurant.

WHY GloriaFood: because we believe that both the hungry customer, and the restaurant owner should have a smooth and amazing online food ordering experience. And because we stand for a “simplified” online ordering experience for small and medium restaurants, designed to be easily handled by anyone. Although we are neither the first, nor the last innovating the food industry, what sets us apart is our COMMITMENT to helping small restaurants gain back control over their customer base, their financial independence and profits.

Oh yeah..forgot to mention: GloriaFood provides the online food ordering system for free. We don’t take commissions, we don’t charge for the setup or maintenance, we don’t take any of your money. We value the same things as you: taking your business to the next level without compromising on the most important components such as the quality of your food, your prices and your relationship with your loyal customers.

Coming soon…in the business of online food ordering

Restaurant Online Ordering System

There’s a lot more details and info about our company coming up in future posts, so stay put! You will be able to browse through many topics related to the restaurant business, as we will always be researching and trying to find relevant news for you. From online food ordering to a successful restaurant Facebook page to seasonal meals, you name it (and suggest it!), we’ll try to cover anything of interest in the restaurant industry.

Whether you have a restaurant, but online ordering always seemed like too much trouble for you, or if you are a veteran in the field, but want a superior online ordering experience, GloriaFood can help!

If you haven’t already, you can have a tour of our website to learn more about us and even enter the restaurant admin area by clicking the “GET ACCESS NOW” button.

Til next time!

The GloriaFood team


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