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by Andreea Dobrila

You’re a restaurant owner looking to take online food orders through Facebook? Then read on!

GloriaFood extends its online ordering system for restaurants into the realm of social media, releasing an online food ordering feature for Facebook.

Integrated Facebook online ordering for restaurants

Our love for food and trying new things led us to brainstorm how we could help up-and-coming restaurants attract new clientele without them going out of their way to spend money on crazy services.

After the long process of canvassing and collecting information from our favorite restaurants, it seemed clear that the new chefs and owners were fighting to grab business through online orders. Unfortunately, many had put much of their capital into building their restaurants. Throw in employee wages and it became too costly to create a custom system.

Alternatively, there are some portals that let you add their pre-built service to your website or Facebook page but will charge you a commission rate which will add up over the months and years. This is why we have created GloriaFood – a restaurant food ordering system – which is a FREE and alternative way to order food on the go.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of ordering restaurant food through Facebook and how GloriaFood is the best way to go for anyone looking to add online food ordering to their Facebook page.

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Why your restaurant needs Facebook online food ordering

Your future customers may seldom pass your establishment so how else could they find you? They could search for you on some review site or restaurant database, or they can learn about you and your amazing food from Facebook. Why? Because many people will feel more inclined to try out a new dining place once they’ve seen it liked, followed or reviewed by their friends on Facebook.

So how can you hook these people up the minute they open your Facebook page? The solution is simple: set up online food ordering through Facebook. No matter where your restaurant is located, you can almost guarantee that a large handful of people in your city/town are using Facebook.

With the Facebook food ordering system provided by GloriaFood, you can redirect customers to your menu and prices and allow them to order straight from that page. The convenience will surely begin to drive sales.

Accessibility and ease of use of a Facebook ordering system

Having a restaurant menu Facebook widget gives the customer the ability to browse through your menu without having to go to your website. For them, it will be like ordering straight from your Facebook page because the switch between the page and the menu is seamless.

Nowadays, more or less everyone is internet-connected most of the time. This means users have the constant chance to get on your restaurant’s Facebook page and place an order using the food ordering button. As the owner/chef, you will just need to have the GloriaFood app open and once an order is placed, it will go straight to your smartphone/tablet.

For our restaurant owners/chefs, we have created an Android and iOS app that they can use to approve each order.  You also have the ability to give an estimated time update to the people who order. It does not get any simpler or easier.

GloriaFood is saving you big money

The Facebook ordering system created by GloriaFood has zero risks in trying or using it in the long run.  As stated before, it is free! If you do not like it, take it down, there are no binding contracts. Most restaurant owners have heard this kind of story before with similar businesses but when it’s time to sign the contracts (which once again GloriaFood does not require), the commission issue pops up.

Transform your Facebook page into a money-making machine. Allow your customers to place orders online right from your Business Page.

With GloriaFood, you can rest assured no commission will be taken and the service is absolutely free to use.  In the long run, you can expect more money from implementing this system on your restaurant’s Facebook page. Who knows… with the money you make you could open more locations!

To start using the GloriaFood online ordering system on Facebook:

  • Click on the “Get Access Now” button in the top right corner
  • Set up your restaurant’s profile
  • Add our Facebook ordering smart link to your Facebook page. Here’s how =>

Add Online Ordering To Your Facebook Page

Till next time!

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