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Super Bowl restaurant promotions play a crucial role in a restaurant’s success. Super Bowl, after all, is one of the food industry’s biggest days of the year. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Americans consume more food on Super Bowl Sunday than on any other day of the year except Thanksgiving.

During 2018’s Super Bowl LII, American consumed about 1.33 billion chicken wings. Pizza Hut expected to serve so many people that it hired an additional 11,000 employees.

For Super Bowl 2019, consider these promotion ideas that can help you sell more food and earn more money.

Include Discounts in Your Super Bowl Restaurant Promotions

People plan to order a lot of food for Super Bowl 2019. Last year, 103.4 million people watched the Super Bowl at home. Some fans will go for dinner, but most will stay home to watch the game on TV. Encourage those fans to buy more food by giving them discounts for bulk orders. For example, your Super Bowl restaurant menu may include 10% off every 50/100 wings. You can also use promotions like free delivery, free drinks, and extra sides.

A lot of restaurants in your area will try to get fans to order from them. Make sure you know about their promotions, so you can offer equally or even more appealing deals.

The easiest way to sell more? Include promos right in your online restaurant menu. It's free, fast & easy to do.

Make Specials for Patriots and Rams Fans

During Super Bowl 2019, the Rams and Patriots will face each other. Make your food game-worthy by tailoring some items to each team. You have a nearly unlimited number of ways to make your food special on the day.

So, in that respect, you could:

  • Rename your dipping sauces (Eagles BBQ and Patriot Ranch, for example).
  • Print napkins in the colors of each team.
  • Serve appetizers in football-shaped dishes.
  • Arrange pizza toppings in the shape of a team’s logo or mascot.

Anything that sets your food apart from what other restaurants sell will give you an advantage.

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Spread Your Super Bowl Food Promotions on Social Media

Use social media to let people know about your Super Bowl food promotions. In the days leading up to Super Bowl LIII, you can post pictures of your themed foods, promote your discounts, and link to your online ordering page.

You can also use your business’s social media accounts to share positive reviews, release videos about your employees siding against each other, and suggest decoration ideas for Super Bowl parties. The more active you get on social media platforms, the more likely it is that search engines will direct people to you when they’ll google for game day food specials near me.”

Create a Super Bowl 2019 Theme for Online Ordering

When people visit your restaurant online ordering page, they should see a celebration of Super Bowl 2019 that gets them excited about the game. Excited people are more likely to order extra food because they believe that more people will come to their parties.

You can decorate your online ordering page with pictures of football stadiums, goalposts, football players, and scoreboards. As long as you don’t infringe on anyone’s copyrights, you can also use images that represent the teams.

Your online ordering page should include all of the specials that you offer during Super Bowl 2019. Don’t make your customers open a menu to find the deals. Use a big font, and put the information right on the page. It can also help to include the specials on your homepage.

Super Bowl is a competitive day for football players… and restaurants alike. So this year, use Super Bowl restaurant promotions so more fans will order food from you.

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