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Or how to save $5,200 in commission fees, within 6 months

GloriaFood reviews: A few weeks ago, we received a message from Sandwich Pizza House owner, Julie Peterson, who became part of the GloriaFood family six months ago.

After getting in touch with our Restaurant Success experts who answered all of her questions, our team provided her with plenty of other useful tips & tricks on how to get started and increase restaurant sales fast.

Before long, Julie managed to save up a lot of money, whilst still having a great online food ordering website.

Here’s what she had to say about using our free restaurant ordering software:

“I have been using GloriaFood for a while and all I have to say is WOW! I recently switched my online meal ordering platform from a big company that was taking 13% of every order to your free online ordering platform. All I can say is that I am VERY PLEASED with your service — the ease of setup, functionality, multiple delivery zone, visually appealing layout and format all for a GENUINELY FREE COST.”

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How to make a food ordering website from scratch

Generating a profitable online food ordering website in a few easy steps:

“After getting my full menu online, I was so impressed with your service I decided to purchase your sales optimized website ($9/mo). I liked your mobile web design better than my primary site for which I payed $200/mo. And so did everyone else I asked.

Plus, your Customer Success team has been stellar via chat/email despite no phone option. I was initially concerned your international location could be an issue. However, you have delivered excellent, prompt and understandable customer service via chat every time.”

GloriaFood Reviews: Drawing the line, 6 months later

“In the 6 months I have been using GloriaFood, I have done about $40,000 of online orders. Before switching to GloriaFood, I had to pay up to 13% commission fees to my prior ordering service. This would have cost me $5200 for the entire 6 month period. So that means that I would have had to dig deep into my pockets to give them at least $866/month, worth of commission fees.

With GloriaFood, I pay a flat rate of $57/month for the premium features (credit card payments, plus a Search Engine Optimized sales website). All that amounts to a total of $342 for the same 6 month period. I’m genuinely over the moon!”


get more online orders by offering delivery to your customers


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