Ordering system API

This restaurant API enables you to automatically process orders or retrieve the online menu

Orders API

Receive and process the order details right after the restaurant owner / manager accepted the order using the order taking app.

Recommended use: POS system or fleet delivery management system integrations.

Food ordering api for post processing orders

Restaurant menu API

Fetch the most current version of the restaurant menu for pre-populating 3rd party system DBs with the same entries.

Recommended use: POS system integrations.

Restaurant menu api for fetching the online menu

Our partners:


Tookan simplifies local deliveries and field workforce. Among many other functionalities, this system provides scheduling, dispatching and real-time tracking system.

Tookan integrates with our ordering system via this food ordering API, thus turning delivery orders into delivery jobs in an automated or semi-automated way, depending on your specific internal flows.
Learn more


Orderlord is a system for restaurants and chains to manage, dispatch and route orders. It also tracks drivers and delights customers by showing in a real-time map, how and when the package is coming. The platform comes with a kitchen management module for those interested to push food prep automation even deeper in their internal flows.

In order to integrate it with the ordering system via this food ordering API, please first contact and get an Orderlord account from here.


SambaPOS is platform with approximately 90.000 customers in 195 countries. SambaPOS software works with all windows based PC's that are suitable for restaurants. Android devices are also supported for taking orders. Step by step how to integrate is available here.

If you don't know how to do things like this you may find the nearest partner that can help you here.


Founded in 2011, Dineplan is a multi-location POS platform with more than 3000 customer outlets in 14 countries, especially successful in the Asia-Pacific region, India and Middle East. The company is also providing kitchen management solutions, sales analytics and cloud sync for all its hospitality software.

For the software parts, their pricing starts somewhere between $600 to $2000 per month, depending on the complexity of the setup and the desired value added local services. More pricing details are available on call.

Dineplan client apps work with standard hardware devices that are suitable for restaurants. In Singapore they can directly provide hardware with this recommended configuration: i3 with 4GB RAM with 64GB SSD.

Step by step instructions on how to integrate are available here.

If you need local help and/or dedicated hardware, you may find the nearest Dineplan partner here.


Founded in 2013, MobiPOS is a highly standardized affordable POS platform with more than 4000 customer outlets around the world, especially successful in the Asia-Pacific region, US and UK. Achieving quality, affordability and reliability of a system typically means less flexibility. Which means that their ability to do custom stuff is very limited.

Their pricing starts from $10 per month, software only. More pricing details here.

Mobi-POS client app works with all iOS based touchscreen devices that are suitable for restaurants. Cloud sync of all reporting data is also supported.

Everything can be done in the iPad, and the cloud add-on option also provide an extra interface to key-in items, modifications of menu and view live reports.

Step by step instructions on how to integrate are available here.

If you need local help and/ or dedicated hardware, you may find the nearest MobiPOS partner here.


Founded in New York, abcPOS system is a business with a special focus on US-East Coast and Asia-Pacific regions. Since 1992 the platform got used by thousands of restaurants around the world.

abcPOS is able to provide its on-site POS solution on a wide variety of PC-based or iPad-based terminals, including all related peripherals and accessories you may optionally need (and then some).

If you want an integrated POS for better billing receipt tracking, granular auto-printing options and keeping a history of order into the POS, then look no further than leveraging an online ordering integration with abcPOS.

In order to integrate it with the ordering system via this food ordering API, you may talk with a dedicated abcPOS integration specialist. Learn more.

Infinity Menus

Any restaurant using our ordering system in UK, EU or US is able to use InifinityMenu custom printing system. Each printer requires connection via USB, Ethernet LAN or WiFi with it's own print moderation IoT device which means that single units or multi-location restaurants are all able to use this with no concerns.

All parts can be customised. That includes font size, bold, italic. Sections can be moved up and down, left and right and can be aligned left, center and right as required.

Hardware is all included within the setup costs. This also includes shipping to customer.
Learn more about support and device costs.

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