gloriafood updates july 2022
by Laura-Andreea Voicu

In July, we released a flurry of new features in our order taking app, published a new video on setting up delivery zones and using heatmaps, and showcased a memorable success story on our blog. Let’s take a closer look at the latest GloriaFood updates!

New Order Taking App Features

Pause services

You can now pause selected services straight from the order taking app by going to Options -> Pause services, as shown in the image below:

new order taking app feature: pause orders

You can choose to pause specific services, or you can pause all your services at the same time, by selecting “Opening hours.” Services can be paused until the end of the day or for a set period of time.

In the “Notification message” field, you can also add a reason why you’re pausing the services. This message will be displayed in the ordering widget for your customers to see.

services paused

To resume your operations, click the Unpause button straight from the app.

unpause services in order taking app

Out of Stock

You can now also mark menu items and choices & addons as out of stock, straight from the order-taking app.

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Just go to the new section called “Availability,” and select menu items or choices & addons. Tap on the item you want to mark as out of stock and select the preferred option: until tomorrow, until a preferred date, or undetermined.

gloriafood updates: out of stock

Then, the item will show up as out of stock, like this:

out of stock item

To mark it as available again, tap on the item once and select the “Available” option.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind about the out of stock feature:

  • Items that you marked as out of stock, whether in the order-taking app or in Admin, will feature the ‘Out of Stock’ label
  • Any out-of-stock change is immediately reflected in the Admin and vice-versa
  • Food customers will see items marked as out-of-stock with the ‘Sold out’ label in the ordering widget

Reason for Rejecting an Order

You can now share the reason behind rejecting an order with your food customers. Choose between the pre-defined reasons we provide or type in your own custom message.

gloriafood updates: order taking app reject order

Food customers will get notified that their order has been rejected via the ordering widget & via email, and they will see your reason as such:

order rejected with reason

To enjoy all these new features of the order taking app, download it now:

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New Video: How to set up delivery zones & use the heatmaps to your advantage

In our newest video, you will learn how easy it is to set up delivery zones and charge delivery fees with the GloriaFood online ordering system. Additionally, we teach you how to access the delivery Heatmaps and use them to increase revenue:

Boost your online sales using delivery heatmaps Identify high order density areas and create targeted promotions

Sandwich Pizza House Success Story

Julie, the owner of Sandwich Pizza House, has been a part of the GloriaFood family for 5 years. Recently, she helped us update her success story on our blog with even more information on why she loves GloriaFood.

We have had tremendous success growing our business online – going from a few hundred a week to our current volume of about $1,000/day.

Read more about her success story here: GloriaFood Reviews: Sandwich Pizza House

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See you next month for other exciting GloriaFood updates!

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