gloriafood updates february 2023
by Laura-Andreea Voicu

In February, we focused on providing quality content that helps restaurant owners grow their businesses by keeping their employees motivated, selling merchandise, enabling online payments, using calls to action, improving their delivery experience, and more. Let’s have a look!

Popular GloriaFood Video Tutorials

Here’s what our YouTube followers have loved watching on our channel:

How to create a FREE QR code menu for restaurants

Replace your old printed menus with a QR code menu that will allow customers to browse your dishes, place an order, and pay for it, all by scanning the code with their smartphones.

How to set up online ordering for restaurants in 10 minutes – Step-by-step guide

It’s now easier than ever to start accepting food orders online in minutes using GloriaFood’s free online ordering system. Here’s how:

How to create a restaurant website in under 10 minutes

Don’t have a restaurant website yet? What are you waiting for? Use our restaurant website builder to create a sales and SEO-optimized website that customers won’t be able to resist.

New GloriaFood Blog Articles

How to Motivate Restaurant Employees and Increase Retention

Check out the four main reasons restaurant employees quit and learn how to motivate them to stay, from reducing stress during onboarding to investing in on-the-job training programs, creating a seamless workflow, and communicating efficiently.

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Opening a Restaurant: 8 Things You Need to Have to Succeed

Before you open a restaurant, ensure you have these eight things:

  • Vision and business plan
  • Financing
  • A good location
  • Staff
  • Necessary licenses and permits
  • Insurance coverage
  • Equipment and supplies
  • Marketing

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Restaurant Equipment List You Need to Open a Successful Restaurant

Check out this list of equipment you need for your dining room, kitchen, and front-of-house. Additionally, we provide some tips that will help you choose the right equipment for your restaurant’s needs based on factors like the menu, staff, or resource constraints.

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8 Restaurant Merchandise Ideas to Grow Your Restaurant Brand

Restaurant merchandise can serve as an additional revenue stream, and also help you nurture your community and promote your restaurant. Here’s what you can sell to market your brand and keep your restaurant top-of-mind.

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The Benefits of Online Payment for Restaurants & How to Enable It

49% of restaurant operators believe that mobile payment options are a must-have technology for diners. Find affordable ways to unlock online payment at your restaurant and bring foodies the convenience they crave when ordering food.

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6 Must-Have Types of Restaurant Insurance You Can’t Miss

Learn more about the most common restaurant worker injuries and risks, as well as the main types of insurance you need to protect your restaurant, staff, and customers.

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New RestaurantWebsiteBuilder Articles

Online Restaurant Cost Control: How to Get the Best Return on Your Investment

Take advantage of free and affordable technology for efficient restaurant cost control, use analytics to monitor your growth, and advertise your restaurant on free platforms such as social media and local directories.

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7 Essential Tips to Help You Offer the Utmost Restaurant Food Delivery Experience

Learn more about the ways in which you can improve your delivery service:

  • Sell dishes that travel well
  • Allow customers to order easily
  • Use a branded restaurant app
  • Choose eco-friendly packaging
  • Use promotions
  • Offer payment variety
  • Keep your customers in the loop

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Restaurant Call to Action: 6 Tips for Converting Visitors to Loyal Clients

Are you using calls to action on your restaurant website, social media, and emails? We tell you where you should use a CTA to sell more and how to write a strong CTA that customers won’t be able to resist.

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How to Use Social Media for Restaurants to Easily Sell Your Delicious Food

Here’s why you should start selling your restaurant’s food on social media, what you need in order to do it, and how our system can help you sell food on Facebook as well as other social media platforms.

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