street food bistro success story
by Laura-Andreea Voicu

Another one of the GloriaFood success stories in 2023 takes us to Scotland, UK. From mouth-watering burgers to French toast, breakfast rolls or fabulous cakes Street Food Bistro is serving delicious classics with a modern twist in their (currently) 2 trailer locations – Wishaw and Carluke.

street food bistro

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The Bistros’ First Online Food Orders with GloriaFood

4 years ago Peter, owner of Station Bistro Carluke, decided to join the 20,000 restaurants already using GloriaFood to take online food orders, by enlisting his posh trailer in the system as a single location. 2 years and hundreds of positive reviews later, Peter expanded by adding another location. Up to this day, the two food trucks generated together well over 18,000 orders in total.

Today, Peter feels that GloriaFood has become an integral part of his business and considers his next steps using it:

Business is good and GloriaFood is an important part of my business. It’s a great platform and I am happy to have it! I am thinking of using it in the future to attract even more customers.

Easy Maintenance, Steady Growth

Once drawn in by the appetizing dishes of the 2 bistros, customers remain loyal to the brand, making up for more than 2/3 of the Bistros’ total orders. Here’s an example from one of the locations:

street food bistro

Very much like with GloriaFood, Peter finds that everyday maintenance is very easy and is ready to scale up:

I’m using the system every day in both businesses and will be using in future openings as well.

Level up Your Business with Premium Features

One of the features that Peter deemed essential in working with GloriaFood was the selection of payment gateways provided by the system that could help his business run seamlessly. One cannot talk about the best credit card processing providers in the game without mentioning Stripe, which GloriaFodd often recommends.

And so, all of Peter’s locations started using the Online Payment service from GloriaFood, connected a merchant account through Stripe, and now collect all payments easily and safely. Two-thirds of the bistros’ orders are paid online.

The Online Payment service is a big thing and is a MUST for every business which has GloriaFood! Without it the takeaway part of a business is missing out, as it speeds up the process by a lot!

If you want to learn how to get started with Online Payment too, check out the video tutorial below:

Why You Should Try GloriaFood

Never afraid to experiment with various opportunities, Peter found the GloriaFood solution and implemented it for a seemingly unusual business type – food trucks. But he managed to transform the “food truck” into a posh trailer bistro and the takeaway process into an enjoyable, memorable experience.

That is how he received hundreds of positive reviews on all social media platforms and continues to do so with every order. Going forward with GloriaFood, Peter considers what it was that helped his business along the way:

Great customer service, easy to implement, and easy to navigate from customer point of view. It’s a win-win because there is 0% commission as well. Which is fantastic and on other hand will attract more users.

Kickstart your restaurant's journey online with GloriaFood Start accepting unlimited orders with zero fees and commissions
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