benefits of online food ordering system

What are the benefits of online food ordering system for restaurants?

Benefits of online food ordering system: thanks to the internet, ordering food from your favorite restaurant has become easier than ever. However, while the major restaurant chains have their own websites where orders can be easily placed, many singular restaurants, cafes, and diners either do not have the resources or the knowledge to effectively get online. […]

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advantages of food food pre-order for restaurants

How Restaurants Can Profit from Taking Food Pre-Orders

Stay ahead of the competition by enabling your clients to order ahead. Here’s why. While restaurants can make a profit by selling food in advance…   ….clients can use a food pre-order app to buy time and avoid sitting in a queue. It’s a win-win, because it works out great for both parties.   In these busy times that we are all […]

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online ordering system for restaurants with multiple locations

Online ordering system for restaurants with multiple locations

We are pleased to let everybody know that our online ordering system now supports multi-location restaurants. This means that multiple restaurants can be created and managed under the same umbrella, with the main benefit of sharing the menu and promotions. This is only the first out of several releases that we have planned for chains. […]

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branded mobile apps for restaurants

New Release: Branded Mobile Apps for Restaurants

There’s quite a debate on whether or not restaurants should invest in their own branded mobile apps. Feels like deja-vu, if we remember we had the same questions about restaurant websites and the importance of mobile ordering. But what is the verdict in this case?   Branded mobile apps for restaurants – are they worth […]

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All about the Facebook online ordering button

Adding your Facebook online ordering button is extremely easy from the Admin area. Just select your restaurant’s page and the app will do the rest. But before you consider the job done, check out the following tips.   Use all the call to actions available Once the ordering app is installed, the orange button appears […]

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Smart-link to your restaurant ordering app

Nowadays, a Facebook business page is a must have for any restaurant. For your clients it’s a place to relax, for you it’s an opportunity to create some appetite. Good quality photos are incredibly powerful in this direction and you should not stop at the cover photo. Get into that routine of posting. Make yourself […]

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