Restaurant Promotion Ideas That Work

Use These Restaurant Promotion Ideas That Work to Get Customers Through Your Doors

  Finding restaurant promotion ideas that work can take a lot of hard work. If you’ve ever wondered how to keep customers coming back to your restaurant, then simply use these 12 promos to get more customers in your restaurant.   Over time, you’ll learn which free marketing ideas for restaurants are the most appealing to […]

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online reviews for restaurants

How Diners Choose Restaurants: The Importance of Customer Reviews for Restaurants

  #1. Why are customer reviews for restaurants so important for diners?   #2. The impact of negative reviews for restaurants   #3. Why restaurant owners need to pay attention to Yelp   #4. Fake reviews – don’t be tempted. Here’s why   #5. How to get more online reviews for your restaurant   #6. What restaurant owners say […]

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benefits of online food ordering system

What are the benefits of online food ordering system for restaurants?

Benefits of online food ordering system: thanks to the internet, ordering food from your favorite restaurant has become easier than ever. However, while the major restaurant chains have their own websites where orders can be easily placed, many singular restaurants, cafes, and diners either do not have the resources or the knowledge to effectively get online. […]

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restaurant gamification tips: this is the back of a reward card

[How To] The Best Restaurant Gamification Tips & Secrets that will Drive Customer Loyalty

  Restaurant Gamification Tips   #1. Enable your clients to accumulate points in exchange for freebies   #2. Allow them to redeem points for lower dollar amounts   #3. Combine gamification with urgency   #4. Combine gamification with the “Order Ahead” feature   #5. Use gamification to get more table reservations   #6. Use gamification […]

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