restaurant gamification tips: gamification for customer engagement

[How To] The Best Restaurant Gamification Tips & Secrets that will Drive Customer Loyalty

  Restaurant Gamification Tips   #1. Enable your clients to accumulate points in exchange for freebies   #2. Allow them to redeem points for lower dollar amounts   #3. Combine gamification with urgency   #4. Combine gamification with the “Order Ahead” feature   #5. Use gamification to get more table reservations   #6. Use gamification […]

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How To Take Table Reservations The Easy [& Profitable] Way?

How to Take Table Reservations The Easy [& Profitable] Way?   What’s the best way to make your clients feel very good about themselves the minute they set foot into your restaurant? And get them excited to return to you?   Apart from good food, offering your clients a VIP-like experience is the master key to getting repeat […]

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