branded mobile apps for restaurants
by Andreea Dobrila

There’s quite a debate on whether or not restaurants should invest in their own branded mobile apps. Feels like deja-vu, if we remember we had the same questions about restaurant websites and the importance of mobile ordering.

But what is the verdict in this case?

Branded mobile apps for restaurants – are they worth it?

Well, the answer is a definite “maybe”.

According to Deloitte, 40% of customers prefer to order online, while McKinsey expects this number to eventually reach 65% in the following years. IABV found out that 69% of those who order online use a mobile device.

Ok. But is an app really necessary, or is the web mobile ordering sufficient?

The Deloitte report also shows that in the past 3 months, 25% of the people who ordered online for delivery or pickup have done so via an app. NRA (National Restaurant Association) states that only a third of restaurants have a smartphone app, while an average person has less than 3 restaurant apps on their phone (Deloitte). With such a stiff competition, why even bother?

Create a mobile application that is fully customized with your restaurant's branding. Get your own mobile app that your customers can download & place orders from.

Amir Eisenstein, CMO at Eat24 said that there is more revenue from apps than desktop, that app users order more frequently than desktop users and that Eat24’s retention rate for mobile app-first users is higher (here’s the full article). No wonder they are being so pushy about the app on their mobile website (see screenshot). So what’s the verdict?

The verdict is yours to give. What we advise is that when deciding whether the branded mobile apps for restaurants are worth or not, you start with the math (gain vs. investment), but also take a look at your competition. Will you eventually get to the point where you will need one as well? And if you will get to that point, is it worth starting now, while only a third of restaurants have an app, and aim for one of the three seats on your customer’s phone?

The branded restaurant mobile app powered by GloriaFood

In case you decide you need a restaurant mobile app, know that you can get one from us. In the same do-it-yourself super-simple fashion, you get your own app submitted to the Google Play store for Android smartphones or tablets. The app is personalized to reflect your brand, from logo to slogan and background image.

branded mobile apps for restaurants

The app’s main functionality is ordering. Of course, the checkout form is prefilled based on previous orders, while the delivery address can be selected from a list of previously saved address.

In terms of updates to the app, you’re in full control. Any change that you make in the admin panel (menu items, prices, delivery area etc.) are immediately reflected in the app as well.

The FoodBooking app

Moreover, because we like to help for free as much as we can, we offer this food ordering app for restaurants. It’s based on a curated list of restaurants that use our system. This means that your restaurant will not be the only one listed in the app, but it can be the featured one. Your restaurant is marked as favourite for those food clients to whom you have recommended to use the app.

Being (also) part of a shared app with other restaurants, has its own benefits (as long as you don’t pay stiff commissions, of course). All member restaurants (including yours) may opt-in to “join forces” and attract more food clients from their town to use the shared FoodBooking app, rather than playing this game solo.

So the food clients can use this one shared app in which all approved restaurants appear inside the FoodBooking marketplace brand. In addition, your clients may expect the same ordering experience, if that’s what they are looking for.

You can request to be listed in the FoodBooking app from within the Admin Panel.

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