unique restaurant promotions ideas

15 Unique Restaurant Promotions Ideas that Will Increase Loyalty

Did you know that as a restaurateur, you can reach out to your customers, by using a handful of unique restaurant promotions ideas?   Because they’ll help you take advantage and tap into the very essence of the human nature.   How?   You see, during their lifetime, people acquire something that psychologists call “secondary […]

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restaurant gamification tips: gamification for customer engagement

[How To] The Best Restaurant Gamification Tips & Secrets that will Drive Customer Loyalty

  Restaurant Gamification Tips   #1. Enable your clients to accumulate points in exchange for freebies   #2. Allow them to redeem points for lower dollar amounts   #3. Combine gamification with urgency   #4. Combine gamification with the “Order Ahead” feature   #5. Use gamification to get more table reservations   #6. Use gamification […]

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