how to add the online ordering button in Joomla
by Georgiana Florea

The online ordering button is a custom HTML code that you add to your website. In Joomla, you add such code in a HTML module that you then publish in the page. Pretty simple – see for yourself below.

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How to add the button to the (home)page

Video instructions:

Before anything, you need to check your Joomla settings:

  • In the top navigation, go to System -> Global Configuration
  • At Default Editor, make sure have Editor – CodeMirror selected

check joomla editor settings

Having this done, now it’s the same drill for any page. But you should start with the homepage. Why? Because it’s your most important page. And online ordering is important for your business. So make sure you have your button nicely shown as soon as the client visits the website.

Thinking about creating your restaurant website in Joomla? We’ve got you covered.
  • Go to ExtensionsModule and click on New to create a new module. Select the type Custom HTML
  • Give it a proper name and paste in your unique html button code from your admin
  • Select the position for your button
  • Click Save & Close

create the html module in joomla
Here’s how the end result looks like on our Demo Restaurant website:

publish the online ordering button in joomla

If your website has multiple pages, we recommend you to add the See MENU & Order button to other pages as well, like the Contact page.

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