online reviews for restaurants

How Diners Choose Restaurants: The Importance of Customer Reviews for Restaurants

  #1. Why are customer reviews for restaurants so important for diners?   #2. The impact of negative reviews for restaurants   #3. Why restaurant owners need to pay attention to Yelp   #4. Fake reviews – don’t be tempted. Here’s why   #5. How to get more online reviews for your restaurant   #6. What restaurant owners say […]

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benefits of online food ordering system

What are the benefits of online food ordering system for restaurants?

Benefits of online food ordering system: thanks to the internet, ordering food from your favorite restaurant has become easier than ever. However, while the major restaurant chains have their own websites where orders can be easily placed, many singular restaurants, cafes, and diners either do not have the resources or the knowledge to effectively get online. […]

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GloriaFood Tookan associations

GloriaFood Strengthens its Operational Efficiency with Tookan

The on-demand food delivery space has been rapidly spurring over the last few years, delivery being a very critical aspect. GloriaFood is proud to announce its association with Tookan, an efficient delivery management solution, which addresses various flows starting from order capturing to delivery. This is done by adopting a unique technology which ensures efficient tracking […]

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GloriaFood brings the online orders & Orderlord takes care of them

With strong experience in tracking, Orderlord came up with LiveDispatcher, an easy to use field management solution. Through customer interviews and tons of feedback, the founders decided to focus the business and its vision on helping to fix food delivery. That is why Orderlord was born. “GloriaFood is a great solution for restaurants which want […]

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Smart-link to your restaurant ordering app

Nowadays, a Facebook business page is a must have for any restaurant. For your clients it’s a place to relax, for you it’s an opportunity to create some appetite. Good quality photos are incredibly powerful in this direction and you should not stop at the cover photo. Get into that routine of posting. Make yourself […]

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New feature for restaurants in our order taking software

We’re covering more and more of each restaurants’ specific needs. We’ve just released a new feature that many of you have been asking for: setting up different opening, pickup and delivery hours.   Flexible working hours Restaurants’ feedback showed that there are many business scenarios to consider, especially when it comes to delivery. For example, […]

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