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How to Start a Fast-Food Restaurant That Customers Will Love

how to start a fast-food restaurant

Fast-food restaurants are profitable ventures for many who are considering opening a food business. With a high profit margin and lower costs, this business model can help you succeed in the competitive food industry.

Here’s how to start a fast-food restaurant in ten steps, and what tools and technology you can use to be profitable long-term.

How Profitable Is a Fast-Food Restaurant?

The average fast-food restaurant’s profit margin ranges from 6 to 9%, which is higher than full-service restaurants due to the higher turnover rate, less expensive ingredients, and reduced staff.

So, if you’re thinking of opening a restaurant, a fast-food is one of the most profitable options.

How to Start a Fast-Food Restaurant in 10 Steps

Create a fast-food business plan

The first step to opening any business is writing a comprehensive business plan that will serve as a blueprint and guide you as you cross items off your to-do list.

Base your business plan on the type of fast-food restaurant you want to open because that will inform many of your decisions. Will you follow a counter service model, offer drive-thru, have a dine-in option, or just pick up?

Once you’ve answered these questions, put pen to paper and outline:

Choose the best location for your fast-food restaurant

Fast-food businesses rely on location just as much as any restaurant. To choose the best location, consider the following factors when outlining your fast-food location strategy:

Secure financing

How much does it cost to start a fast-food restaurant? The average startup cost for a fast-food is $19,815. If you don’t have the money readily available, consider financing options such as:

Get all the licenses and permits you need

To open a successful fast-food business, you need to ensure you’re complying with local rules and regulations. These are the most common licenses and permits you may need:

They depend on where your restaurant is located and what services you plan to offer. Check local laws before opening the restaurant to the public.

Don’t forget to also get insurance to protect your restaurant, staff, and customers.

Buy the equipment needed to start a fast-food restaurant

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Without equipment, you can’t start serving customers. Here is a list of the basic equipment you’ll need for your fast-food restaurant:

Use layout design to attract more customers

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Here’s how to start a fast-food restaurant that customers will love just by using purposeful design:

Fast-food menus are all about convenience. The options are usually limited but people can choose menus, combos, and customize their order with sides, extras, and add-ons.

To serve more customers faster and avoid interminable lines, consider implementing a QR code menu that customers can scan to order and pay at the table. You can do that for free by watching the video below:

The best part about a contactless menu, apart from being extremely convenient for the customer, is that you can make changes to it on the spot: add a new menu item, update a price, add a limited-time promo and more.

Design a fast-food menu in minutes… ...and convert it into a QR code to enable customers to order and pay at the table

Choose the tools and technology you need to succeed

From a point-of-sale (POS) to a kitchen display system (KDS), you need to think beyond equipment to the technology you need before opening a fast-casual restaurant.

To minimize costs, find tools that pack as many useful features as possible. For example, the free online ordering system from GloriaFood not only allows you to accept orders online for pickup and delivery but also:

You can find a breakdown of all the features here.

Help your fast-food restaurant succeed with the free online ordering system from GloriaFood Boost sales online, and attract new and returning customers

Assemble the perfect team

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Next, take your time building a team of people who are excited to work at your fast-food restaurant, and share your goals and ideals.

Not just that but create a plan that will help you train and retain them. Motivating fast food employees with an attractive salary, benefits, and opportunities for development will help you build a healthy work environment.

Decide on the fast-food marketing strategies you will focus on

Finally, how will you promote your fast-food restaurant? Here are some fast-food marketing techniques to keep in mind as you get started:

Now, let’s take a closer look at five fast-food marketing tricks that will help you hit the ground running.

How to Run a Successful Fast-Food Restaurant

Get a restaurant website that will help you sell more

If you’re going to sell your food online, your own restaurant website is the best place for that. The website should be designed with conversion optimization in mind.

Instead of hiring an expensive developer to help you create one, you can use the restaurant website generator from GloriaFood to create one yourself in minutes:

You don’t need any prior tech knowledge; you will simply use the drag-and-drop editor to choose and arrange the sections you want your website to contain. The website will be optimized for your cuisine and area, and it comes with online ordering already built-in.

Increase your sales with a fast-food restaurant website optimized for online ordering Generate your own in minutes and start selling your food online in hours

The moment customers access your website, they will be greeted by the See MENU & Order button and be able to place an order in minutes.

Offer regular promotions and special offers

There’s nothing customers love more than a promotion that can help them get more food for their money or a freebie with a large order.

Implement regular promotions, from percentage discounts to meal bundles and free delivery to attract more customers to your fast-food restaurant.

Here’s how you can use GloriaFood’s promotions module to set up any of these promos and more and display them at the top of your online menu:

Consider offering a secret menu

Fast-food restaurant secret menus are very popular nowadays and with good reason. A secret menu is a dish or a variety of dishes that you don’t advertise or list in your actual menu, thus creating exclusivity and generating buzz.

You can read more about the benefits of a secret menu and how to create one for yourself here.

Send email marketing campaigns to increase customer loyalty

Attracting new customers to your fast-food restaurant is not enough to succeed in this competitive market. You also need to secure their loyalty.

Instead of spending time setting up complicated fast-food marketing campaigns, leave the hard work to us. Try our Autopilot marketing module that enables you to set your email campaigns once and then let them run in the background.

The campaigns are designed to:

Give customers a reason to come back with targeted email campaigns Hook them with impossible-to-resist promotions using our Autopilot module

Implement fast-food social media campaigns to engage with your followers

It’s no secret that social media is a valuable tool for restaurants. Here are some ideas of posts you can use to boost your social media presence on a variety of platforms:

Bottom Line

Learning how to start a fast-food restaurant can seem daunting if you don’t have the necessary information and tools at your disposal. Follow the steps above and you’ll have your fast-food up and running in no time.

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