Flip those likes into burgers!

Here's a pre-cooked idea about squeezing the most out of your Facebook restaurant’s page and getting new clients and well-made online sales.

We’ve been offering for quite some years our online ordering Facebook integration. However, this doesn’t mean that all of a sudden, all the foodies of the world will start placing orders right away.

Online ordering app for Facebook

If no one talks about it, does it really exist?

Ask any famed restaurant owner what’s their recipe to Facebook ordering and they’ll tell you it’s definitely not a one-ingredient dish. While you can season your journey to success with great food, hospitality and passion, it’s all about how you can create engagement with your future customers.

Is there only one way to achieve this? Absolutely not. But in this post we’re letting Andoni from Goiko Grill do the talking and tell you all about how they got a steady volume of orders for all of their locations.

So what’s the right recipe?

We have hired 2 photo-sessions monthly to use in our social media. Pay for ads in Facebook to grow our fan page. Between 2-3 posts in social media systematically EVERYDAY. We have grown from zero to an Influencers database that we engage with on a personal level every month (chat with them via whatsapp and invite them to eat...things like this). We regularly make anniversary and opening events inviting influencers, clients and providers.

Main focus is on:

  • Photo + Social Media;
  • Personal Touch (with influencers and with clients via social media).

We care A LOT about our product and service... We've done very good in-house alternative marketing strategies.

Facebook engagement for online restaurants

After talking to Andoni and a little bit of Facebook stalking, it was clear to us that, apart from the good food, reasonable pricing and professional photos, the seasoning was, unsurprisingly, the people and interactions.

In Goiko Grill’s case, the formula for success was the authenticity and friendliness extended from their daily offline interactions to the online media. Check these out:

Creating a fun and welcoming environment can work for your business as well, if done in a genuine way. We hope this story inspires you to find your own way.

Oh, and by the way... Andoni’s hospitality experience is quite short - being born with a spoon in your hand is not a must :-)

“I’m doctor from Caracas Venezuela, living in Spain, I began in 2013 with 1 burger restaurant here in Madrid. I quit my residency in the hospital to grow the business. Now we have 10 opened restaurants and counting!”